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Lower Back Burn/Ache Whilst Sitting


Hello T-Nation

I have decided to post my question here, When I am seated i tend to get a lower back burning sensation on the left side, roughly around the top of my left glute, When im standing up it goes away and when i lay on my side its not bad at all, however sometimes it will come and go.

About 6 months ago i had an unlevel pelvis, which when i say a physio sorted it out.

I now dont have niggles anymore if I warm up properly. But now my only problem is the burning sensation whenn im sitting down or laying flat on my back at times feels awkward.
the pain itself isnt sore but annoying.

I am only 17 and attend boarding school in the UK, I sit alot and tend to play too much pc with my free time. Im tyring to strethc my hammies quads and hiflexors out to prevent them forms taying too short too long. Im not sure if i have a pelvic tilt, i dont think so but this sensation is alot more annoying than sore.

My other problem is my upper back, when i tense my traps back i hear alot of clicks which i assume is my vc but i dont hink so, also the right side of my trap feels restricted when i pull my shoulders back.

Thanks alot, any replies will be appreciated.

I have also recently had an MRI done however i cannot get hold of the results for 2-3 more weeks as I am at boarding school :@


You sound like what I was going through. This isn't medical advice but what I did for myself and would do if you can.

Try do so some glute bridge work and basic glute activation stuff. Make sure your upper back is straight and avoid slouching while sitting for prolong periods of time. When you slouch forward your low back tucks under. That used to cause pain for me, not sure if you notice the same for yourself. Also, massage therapy helped me overcome what you had. Find a therapist who actually lifts if you can. Also make sure not too stretch too intensely past the point of 'first stretch'. That could cause it to tigthen up.

I hope this helps.
Good Luck.


Okay, so instead of therapy could I not just get a foam roller for deep muscle tisse masages? Cause i cant really leave campus, and then add some glute activation into programme and see if that works/improves the condition?


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