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Lower Back Bunched Up Muscle Tissue/Discomfort


Hi, some may have read my post about quadricep tendonitis. It looks like as soon as that one finally healed after a whole year of training around it something new popped up.

Since about a year something ago I had this small irregularity in my left erector, like a small dent in the muscle that popped up more as I contracted it. However I had no particular pain associated with it. I've been deadlifting strong through all of this last winter, my max went up from 150 to 200 something kg since I started training my deadlift seriously and bulking hard between last September and April this year. The dent or bump was still there throughout this time but it didn't bother me.

Then around the beginning of may I had I think a back tweak while deadlifting, nothing really acute to be honest, maybe really just overuse, just a dull ache that started creeping at some point, I trained through it for a few sessions till I started feeling more discomfort and pressure around the L5 area, so I basically took a week off and deloaded the deadlift for a month or so. I thought that possibly I may have bulged a disc, but still I was getting slowly better week by week, just keeping in some light lifting for a about another month.

However it seemed like even after that time "off" that the dent in my back started protruding more, and foam rolling it and squishing it in with a lacrosse ball seemed to produce some discomfort from mid back to lower glute area (basically depending on what direction I decide to roll the ball/foam roller, up or down), overall still feeling a bit stiff and achy, my low back crunching and popping when bending over or even moving around in bed and stuff like that.

I finally found out that exercises that make me keep my low back squeezed and contracted throughout the ROM tend to aggravate it more, making that small muscle "ball" bulge more and making me overall feel more discomfort. High bar squats are fine, low bar not so much...weird thing is right now deficit deadlifts seem to be easier on my low back compared to regular ones (maybe I squat the weight up with my legs more?).

Another thing that aggravates it is stuff like military press if I overarch a little on max effort, and even keeping a tight arch on the bench for more than a couple sets is becoming a struggle.I can work mobility, foam roll a the time, it never really goes away. I can ease up the stiffness and smoothen the "ball" with trigger point but it comes back as soon as I start contracting my erectors.

Cliffs: I have a lump in my low back that appears to be made up of muscle, which ia bulging out more and causing discomfort, stiffness and even pain when I contract/arch my low back.

One more thing: I told my family doctor about it and he says it's basically just contracted, spasming muscle tissue or some like that, that I definitely don't have disc problems and that resting and stretching will eventually fix it. He even discouraged me from taking scans and basically go through procedures that will just cost me money and won't do nothing for me. Whatever. What he says doesn't seem to work.

Unfortunately my economical conditions aren't great right now and I won't be able to afford fancy therapy and investigations methods till the end of the summer so that's it for now.

Does anyone have any advice? I feel crippled and frustrated, and my progress is suffering.