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Lower Back Body Fat


Whats the easiest way to lose lower back bodyfat? I cardio/lift/eat right (still cheat once or twice a day), I am currently taking creatine and I drink alot of water - so some of it could be water weight that will get lost after my creatine cycle, but for the bodyfat? whats the easiest way? (im like 12-13% Bodyfat)

thank you for your help


There is no easiest way. Where you tend to gain and lose fat is totally up to your genetics. If you want to lose back fat, you need to lose fat in general.


Cut back from one or two cheats a day to one or two cheats a week. Eliminate all sugary drinks, including, but not limited to, soda and juice. Make sure you're getting 3 or 4 days of good lifting in each week, and at least a couple of days of cardio.

Check back in after a few weeks of that.


Thanks mate!

I'll cut back on the cheat foods, throw 2 or 3 days of cardio in there (workout 4 days a week). and check once a week on how im doin.

I think i'll try 4 weeks to see how im doin, and whatnot.

thanks again!


Don't cut back on cheat foods.. CUT THEM OUT ENTIRELY!


If you add some muscle mass to your lower back it won't look so fat. But then again, this isn't really the easiest way.
Easiest way would be to outright starve yourself.


Which will result in catabolism of the muscle mass in his lower back and elsewhere, damage his metabolism, etc, etc. Strict diet and a good training routine will produce much better results.


Eat less, move more.

Lower back fat is a sign of too much overall fat; you can't pick and choose where it comes off, so just reign your diet in.

1-2 cheat meals a day is a recipe to go no where in one hell of a hurry.


According to some research Charles Poliquin's done, proportionally higher back fat displays a disposition towards diabetes, and is commonly corrected with low-carbing it along with consuming high doses of fish oil until you develop insulin sensitivity once again.

HOWEVER, that protocol applies to Christian Thibaudeau, not you. You're just carrying fat, like everyone has said. Lift heavy, clean up your diet, and you should drop fat steadily.

Good luck.