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Lower Back Arched with Good Mornings

Everytime I do good mornings or squats (with feet flat) I am always uncertain as to whether or not my lower back is perfectly arched or not. I find it to be perhaps the most difficult thing to check in such an exercise especially since I don’t have a mirror or a qualified trainer available at all to check my form while doing the exercise with as focus as I can put into the exercise.

Also, I obviously can’t just turn my head around to see if my lower back is set up correctly. It’s frustrates me because I am so concerned about doing a given exercise with perfection and yet I don’t how I am supposed to know by myself with 100% certainty as to whether or not my back is perfectly arched?

Squat with low weights often enough to know how it feels to have a straight, or straight enough, lower back. Plus, squat, and all other lifts for that matter, with perfect form at lower weight so that you just ingrain the movement into your muscle memory.

film yourself doing it, then you can watch it over and over again - and if your not 100% sure still you can post it up here. Simple my friend :slight_smile: