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Lower Back and Sciatic Nerve Pain

Ok so this has really nothing to do with pain while lifting. I actwfeel pretty good when I lift… But at night and in the morning I have horrible sciatic nerve pain it’s caused by lower bsck issues… For this reason I stay away from dead lifts and exercise that puts any kind of strain on my lower back that I’m not comfortable with… Has anyone found any cures for sciatic nerve pain? I have used lidoderm patches they m seem to help some but short of opiate pain killers which I won’t take I can’t seem to find a cure.

Also there is a lot of tightness in my lower back and down the back and side if my right leg… It feels like my lower back is a knot sometimes… Any ideas on things that can help this

I hate to be the guy to tell you to go see a professional (my first thought is “fuck off, I would have if I could”)

But… at least go visit a chiropractor dude. If they’re worth their salt they’ll give you a free x-ray, and explain what they find. Sciatic nerve pain is (in my experience) more of a symptom than a root cause.

I had bad sciatic nerve pain, turns out, I had severe lordosis (sp?) And my spine looked like a funhouse mirror. I researched it into the ground, told my chiro to shove it, and fixed it (relatively speaking anyways).

Aside from that…

Find a full body mobility routine. It sucks. It’s boring as hell, but do it 2 times a day. When you get up, and before you go to sleep. You’ll sleep better at the very least. Dont let your back get weak. I’m not saying go pull 400+ but give your lower back and posterior chain some serious love, trust me, itll help in the long run.

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Lots of strengthening maintenance exercises for the back and core. Strengthing the support muscles will aid in your spinal health. Most likely you have a bulging disc that is pressing on the nerve.

Look into decompression therapy. They’ll basically stretch you and varying weights and give your disks time to breath and puff back up. It was a total game changer for me. I have 4 herniated disks and at times the pain can be overwhelming.

An inversion table could be a cheap way to get some relief as well

Quick update. I went and got some test the xray showed “degenerative arthritis” in my lumbar area and the MRI showed herniated disk and spacing issues between the s1-L5 " I think those were the numbers" yes this is causing the iritation on the nerve and pain in lower back. I need to go to a ortho doctor now to hear my “options” but the ladie said it could range from trying to start with PT to what could ultimately be surgery one day… Kinda disheartening to hear at 28 years old but that’s life for ya. At this point I told them I’m open to whatever. Just hope I can avoid surgery for a while as I’m right in the middle of a slight body recomp… Thanks for the replies fellas!

Cant speak on the herniation, but the cartilage between my vertebrae looks like mountain ranges. I had that x-ray when I was 23… so i feel you man, just do what you can with what you got, good luck!

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