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Lower Back & Adding Thickness

What can I do to get lower back thickness Christmas tree look

The easiest answer is going to be deadlifts, although some folks don’t see the visual effect they want from just full deads and resort of partials or rack pulls.

When I was competing, once I found out that most of the guys I looked up to didn’t do heavy deads anymore (unless they just enjoyed it, but not for the aesthetic results), but instead focused on weighted hypers, I did likewise. Twice a week, holding a plate and ensuring tension right where I wanted it worked like a charm!

BUT, back to what I started with… if you’re still focused on building up everywhere, deadlifts are great, and you can always work hypers or some partials, more focused work in addition.



secrets of the pros!

lol - I don’t care what people like to post, or they read in the muscle rags, most of the top competitors I’ve known havent done a deadlift in years… and I don’t mean the “I built the foundation first and then…” I mean they reached the point where they realized that certain movements aren’t the best tools when you’re trying to sculpt a physique.

No one developed perfectly symmetrically, we all have strong points and weak points and if a compound movement is not hitting what you need it to, what is it gonna take before you accept that you don’t need to do it? :wink:


Rack pulls done right fry my lower back (In a good way) and give a nice pump personally. Ditto RDL’s.

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I’m part of that club for sure. After pulling from the floor my lower back would just be killing me, it wasn’t worth it. If your gym has enough equipment that you can hit all the angles you need to, unless you’re a power lifter, just IMO deads aren’t necessary. Rack pulls, hypers, lots of rowing variations, all work.

Equally as important is the ability to create a great MMC with your back, which just by watching most people in the gym, it’s obvious they do not have this. Too much body momentum, too much bicep taking over. Really focus on the working muscle, pulling exclusively from the back and letting your arms be an extension of that. Focus on a hard squeeze with every rep and controlled negatives.

Since I’m not a power lifter and am not overly concerned with grip strength, I wear straps throughout my entire back workout because it helps me isolate my back without letting my arms and hands take over.


I too am an individual who hasn’t done a deadlift in nearly a decade now. I don’t know if I’m the authority to give advice on getting an awesome Christmas tree lower back, but I’ll say that weighted hyper-extensions (like Stu said) AND lots of bent-over reverse-grip rows improved that area a lot for me.

Among other things for proper " Christmas Tree" you’re going to need to get to like true 8% bodyfat or under

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I love rack pulls but they’re mostly upper back and traps. Unless you do them below knee level you shouldn’t be feeling lower back engagement.

Provided you have the mobility, 2" deficit snatch grip deadlifts.

Yes I do them below knee level!

Thank you all for the heads up definitely try the weighted hypers for sure appreciate all the input thanks all

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