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Lower Abs


i've been working out for about 7 months now, and i was just wondering what are the best for the lower abs? my upper abs are toning well, but there isn't much happening on my lower abs. i do about 100 situps a day. is there a certain way to do them that works the lower abs? also what other excercises are good for them?


I'll resond to this only because Im a huge aerosmith fan as well.

Everyone has lower abs, you just have to get at a low enough bodyfat to see them. For the low abs, Im talking about 6 percent and lower.

You can increase the size of your abs slightly to make them appear more and strengthen them. My favorites are just simple crunches on a swiss ball, with a weight across your chest. Start with at least a 45, and work up to 2 45's..Kep them reps high and hit em hard. Train em twice a week if you can.

The best way to drop bodyfat depends on your size. If your below 15 percent BF and your currently on a good program that includes diet and a solid base of basic movements like squats, deads, rows and sprints, do a search for "Ripped City".

If your not on a solid program, get on one, then supplement it with "Ripped city" after you been on workin out for at least 3 months.

For diet info do a search on "John Berardi".

Get a Grip!


Leg raises, hanging leg raises or hanging knee ups. Try to concentrate on bringing your pubic bone up to your sternum.

Also it's important to do them before you do your crunches or situps


ok. now with leg raises are they better to do when your arms are above your head?


the take home message from the earlier post was that you need tog et your body fat lower. The ab exercises will do next-to-nothing to get them to show up. If you have a layer of fat over your abs you will NEVER see them


ok, but can i gain mass and lose weight at the same time?


yes, with cardio...


There are no 'lower abs.' The 6 pack effect you're looking for comes from a single muscle that runs from pubis to sternum and it either contracts or it doesn't. So any excercise you do that contracts that muscle is just as good as any other exeercise for the most part. Meaning you can't 'work lower abs' as opposed to 'working upper abs' any excercise you do that contracts that muscle contracts it equally.

If you're goal is strength, overall strength, work the abdominal area exactly the way you work every other body part. If you're goals are purely aesthetic, ie, you want that visible 6 pack and the waspish waist the only way to achieve it is to get the body fat way down as has been mentioned. Good luck!




haha what was i thinking


ok thanks alot


Well... there are those who would say that you can work the lower abs.

Now make no mistake I fully agree that you have no hope of seeing them if your bodyfat isn't below 8% or something. But the controversial (on this site at least) trainer Paul Chek does have a method for lower abs.

I've tried it and gotten some DOMS down there, but I'm still not ready to 100% vouch for the overall effectiveness of the method.


From a physiological and practical stand point, they'd be wrong in saying that. And as looney as Chek is, he's not entirely full of shit. I find his phiolosphical rants to be kind of silly but he does have some interesting and useful advice. I know a lot of people here can't stand him though.