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Lower Abs

I’ve lost 50lbs over the past year, but I can’t seem to figure out how to get rid of the fat that is covering my lower abs. I ear as clean as I possibly can, I take fiber supplements along with fish oil, I walk/bike/eliptical (i dont know what you call the act of doing the eliptical)every morning and lift 4 nights a week. I can’t seem to get rid of this last bit. Any pointers? Do I just need to be more patient? Could it be lose skin?

Estimate your body fat percentage (may need a tape measure and a web calculator). What is it?

The usual answer is that you just need to lose more fat overall, and you can’t pick which locations on your body lose it fastest.

If you’ve lost 50 pounds, there’s also a chance that loose skin is making it look worse.

Losing the last few stubborn pounds of fat is difficult. Your experiences are not unusual.

To start with, post your daily diet and weekly training regimen. The information you’ve included above is good, but not particularly detailed. Also post how long you’ve been cutting for, and whether or not you’ve taken breaks from cutting, and for how long.

Like Otep said, that is the area for all men which is the last to go my friend.

All you can do is be patient, change up your nutrition into tricking your body to work harder.

Post your diet up lets see if anything can be tweaked.

You’re quickest fix is going to be to work inside out. I’m assuming the excess skin is really whats preventing the abs from showing. Youre not going to help it by getting any skinnier, hence, I suggest you gain some mass in your torso. The extra mass will help stretch the skin out a bit, and the extra lean muscle mass will help burn off excess fat.

no amount of cardio in the world will do jack shit for your problem.