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Ok no matter what i do, i cant seem to tighten up my lower abs, back when i was younger it wasnt that hard, but ever since i passed that 25 y/o mark it doesnt seem to want to go back to how it was,any suggestions would be greatly appriciated…second part is do you think that a topical yohimbe product would help.

L-F-O, I have no personal experience with the topical products – yet. People are reporting good results, from what I’m reading on some of the boards, enough that I’m going to experiment on myself. I’m looking at Yohimburn and Lipoderm-Y, but leaning more towards the later.

What’s most important is that you recognize that use of the two products I mentioned doesn’t increase fat utilization. It MOBILIZES fat stores from stubborn areas (the areas to which you apply the product). It wil ONLY work if you’re hypocaloric (below maintenance calories), and it works best/better with a ketogenic/carb-restricted type diet.

Be sure to report your results here, good or bad. I’ll do the same. Be sure to do your own research on the subject as there are some negatives to yohimbe usage – or should I say negatives at too high a dosage. Do not use yohimbe if you have high BP or any cardiovascular condition.

Well said. Whats your bodyfat at? the lower the bodyfat the more abdominal muscle will show. Lower abdominal muscles will not show due to gentics. I know I am going to get chew out from a lot of people here but I am going to say it: There is no such thing as a lower abdominal also. The Rectus Abdominal is one sheet of muscle. But it does break up into sections (upper, middle, lower).

Fitone…I don’t see a need for anyone to chew you out. If so, I’ve got your back. You’re correct, the rectus abdominis is a single sheet of muscle. However, there are tendons that run through the sheet of muscle to give it a separated appearance (i.e. six-pack, eight-pack, etc.). In addition, different exercise tend to stress certain regions of the abdominals more so than others, thus the reason for including a variety of exercises. As already mentioned, if one does not have bodyfat at a low enough level, then it is likely that those suckers (the lowest portion of the abdominals) won’t pop out. I would also like to throw out on the table that genetics will also play a role in the number of abdominal muscles that will show. For example, despite all being shredded to the bone, some professionals only show a four-pack while others an eight-pack.

Tamps…thanks for the input about the topicals. Interesting concept, and if it works, very marketable.

Well, fitone, you can count on one thing. You’ll never get chewed out by me. I’ve always tried to discuss and debate facts, not attack the person who has a different point of view.

Your point regarding BF is well taken. Abs aren’t going to show unless your BF is low enough to begin with, topical yohimbe or not. However, I see topical yohimbe having great (or greater) application for those that have their BF% down where it should be, yet still have a few “stubborn” areas. I currently take oral yohimbe and have been pleased with the results, though as I’ve said before I find the effects to be “subtle, but cummulatively profound.”

P.S.: Thanks for all your many contributions to the forum. I always enjoy reading your posts.

Thanks for the support. I to enjoy your threads also. I just feel that lately I have be getting to a lot of war w/ members of this forum and all I am trying to do is to get my point of view across. It does get fustrating… Because, I know I have the knoweldge but sometimes its hard for me to get it across on this forum. Otherwise, if I didn’t have the knoweldge I know my company would not have hired me and treat me as well as they did. Thanks again

Timbo: I agree w/ you 100% about diffrent exercise will stress diffrent regions on the abdominals…