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Lower Abdominal Section


I have a very flabby lower abdominal section. My dieting has drastically improved and my cardio and weightlifting has been fantastic the past 5 weeks. I have lost 20 lbs and and 2% body fat.

Is there more that I do for this to get better results? how often should I train this section of my body?


A whole 5 weeks?

It's working, keep doing it and re-assess in 4-6 months.


I know 5 weeks is not a long time, but the current workout that I am on only has me doing twists after every cardio session. and maybe 1 other ab workout the rest of the week.

I was thinking about doing a different ab workout every day after lifting and keeping my twists after cardio.

I have gone down a belt loop and maybe another, so I do know it is working, I just wanted to know could I add to what I am doing or would that over train my abs?


I wouldnt suggest doing ab work everyday..your abs are like any other muscle and need proper rest and recovery...2-3 ab sessions per week is more than enough IMO..


I personally found a lot of success in training abs/core every training day, which is usually 4 times a week. I will usually do something like planks or scissor kicks at the start of my gym session.


Wow, 20lbs in 5 weeks is a lot, good job. How fat are you now?

Low ab and love handle fat is going to be the last fat to go if you're a guy. So unless you're freakishly lean, don't worry about it, and just stick to the diet.


You've done well, now be patient there is no magic bean - just consistency.


Nothing wrong with expanding the number of ab exercises you do, however your results are because of your diet, not ab training.