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Lower Abdominal Fat/Fasting


I'm trying to get rid of a little lower abdominal fat. I know that it's not possible to spot reduce fat. I've been cardio for 1 hour (on the bike)when i wake up in the morning. the intensity isnt that high, mostly 60% of my max heart rate. should i be doing a different type of cardio with higher intensity? my diet is pretty average.

I am thinking about trying fasting for a week to see if that will help.

Will a diet of mostly water, skim milk w/muscle milk and small amounts of vegtables and meat be okay?

is there any other suggestions of attacking fat?


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I agree with prof. X


If you know its pretty average then you know what you have to do. Sort it out, and quit being lazy and undisciplined.


Instead of not eating or just eating very small amounts why don't you try something like cycling your calories or carbs. You could also try the velocity diet that is post on this fourm. Also if your cardio is not intense enough then why are you doing it? I would try something more intense like jump rope HIIT style. In my opinion you are not doing a whole lot of good riding the bike for an hour unless you are trying to burn muscle or are a training for a bike race.