Lower Ab

What would be the best execise ofr the lower ab. One that does the most BURNING to the lower ad section. I know many exercises that do thier job but was wondering if i could be approached with a much better yet one that is right at point.

Reverse crunches, followed by pelvic lifts, will fry the low abs (and hit the uppers)! Pelvic lifts~lie on floor on back, have knees slightly bent, yet sticking up; and lift your pelvis only! Don’t lift with your lower back as much as you can help it, some people can get hurt that way. Follow that with regular crunches, and have a partner help pull ya up afterward!!

Ooh boy, I know that there are two camps regarding the “lower ab and upper ab” training. One camp believes that there is no distinction between upper and lower, that it is one big abdominal wall and thus, should be trained as such(I was told this at one time: “where’s the joint that would seperate the upper from lower abs?”). The second camp does believe in training both the upper and lower abs.

I have always trained my lower abs by doing reverse crunches, leg raises on either the slant board or off the end of a bench. Hanging leg raises are also good. Now, of course, there's the "remember to watch your form, don't just 'swing' your legs up and down" and "limit hip flexor involvement" - but I need strong hip flexors for strong kicks (in MA) so, in my case (as well as anyone else in MA), it's okay.

I believe Ian King has written some ab training articles here on T-Mag - have you read those?