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Lower Ab Training


I need help with building my lower abs...I have discovered that I have two extra pack under my six they are under my belly button and above my pelvis but they feel small compared to the to six...Two years ago I didn't have them. I'm not lean enough to have any definition but feel the packs with my hands..I'm looking for routines and exercises.That will help me further progress


post a shirtless pic


if you wanna see em diet down, other than that, leg raises should help


this is the most important statement in your post.

You want rockin' abs? Get lean.


I think it was Cressey who wrote an article a while back promoting reverse crunches both as a rehab movement for kyphosis, and to build the lower abdominals. He (or someone else, I forget) suggested doing them while holding a foam roller between the Achilles and buttocks, keeping the legs in a set position in order to keep focus on the lower abs and away (mostly) from the hip flexors.

I took this a step further and have been doing it with a med ball. When I was doing them consistently I noticed some improvement in pelvic tilt and abs in general, but I have been slacking on them for a while.

These work good for building the lower abs, but as was said above, if you want to see them, get leaner.



Ooh, would love to see that article if you know where to dig it up from!


It was on here. I searched briefly earlier, but didn't find it. If you dig a little more you might.


cross body mountain climber is a good exercise, both for obliques and lower abs.

you are also waiting in a push up position plank which is a bonus.


Squats & Milk.