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Lower Ab Pain when Deadlifting


Hi, long time lurker decided it was a good time to start posting!

Context: I'm a 22 year old male student, who recently started working out properly again after some intermittent training for about a year. I've never been weightlifting consistently and much, but I'm fairly strong for a beginner because of lots of martial arts, rowing and competed in sprints.

Anyways, about a year ago I started a little deadlifting, and cranked it up quickly to roughly 80kg. I could lift that just fine, felt I could do a bit more, but quite quickly got this weird pain on just left of the lower abs/bladder (left when looking on yourself). It doesn't seem internal though, more like a burning sensation e.g. really hard rubbing against the skin... can't really tell what it could be?!

So I stopped.., and I started again a couple of weeks ago. But today it suddenly reappeared! The exact same sensation.

I've been studying the videos on here for proper technique, can my technique be that bad? Could it be that I've ramping up too much weight too quickly, just because my legs are strong enough but other muscles part of the deadlift are not?

Insight to what it could be? Should I get it checked? I'm a little worried because I was treated for hernia when I was 5. Though this should really be completely healed by now!

So, either:
1) Ignore pain and take it like a man.
2) Stop all deadlifts and see a doctor before continuing.
3) Continue deadlifts but decrease weights and increase reps, until pain is no more (+ see a doctor maybe)



see a doc.

my first thought is a hernia. but then i have never had one nor am i a doctor.


I second that. Stop deadlifting for now. See a doc.


Cheers, guys!

I did see a doctor yesterday. He couldn't feel anything himself, apart from my scar from the hernia I had when I was 4. But he is sending me to get an ultrasound scan just in case.

I went into the gym yesterday evening, and took off 20kg on my deadlift, and increased by 2 reps. This worked fine, with no pain. However I was going to do broad jumps (superhero complex's), but after just one broad jump the pain came back, at exactly the same spot as my scar. So I think I'm going to skip broad jumps, be easy on the deadlift, and go do that ultrasound scan.

Thanks again!