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lower ab fat

I have been cutting for nearly 6 weeks, and can really see a difference in body fat since I started. I still have a pinch of fat that is obscuring my lower abs around my belly button- this is driving me nuts. I have worked really hard to get here, but can’t seem to burn it off. Now, Im starting to lose strength and look flat from trying to diet it off. What should I do? Keep trying to lose it? Give up and try to put on some muscle? Anyone have the same trouble before?

No offense, but you expect us to be able to answer that with NO PERTINENT INFO on diet, cals, meal frequency, training? C’mon now!

Youre right dude. I lift three times a week, doing short rest periods between 4 sets of 8, switching days of upper body and lower body. I also run a hell of a lot, like everyday. Sometimes I’ll do interval high intensity, sometimes steady state for four or five miles. My calories are about 2500, with a ratio of about 40C 30P 30F. Im 6’, and 10% at 160 lbs- pretty tall and skinny, and getting weaker! Any help would be killer. Thanks.

Agree with Ritchie here. Where are you at BF%-wise now? What’s your routine like? Any aerobics? What you eating? How many calories? However, the “starting to lose strength and lookin flat” is telling me that you may be in overtraining mode. That maybe you need to give yourself a day where you consume more calories than usual. Or cut down your workouts and give yourself a extra day of recovery.

But I can only guess from the limited info you provided.

If I was you, I would forget about the little pinch of fat around your abs and start trying to gain more lean mass. From what you said, it doesn’t sound like you are a competitive BB’er, so don’t worry too much about trying to get down to single digit bodyfat percentages…10% is pretty damn good. Oh, and I don’t know how much I believe this, but I have heard Dr. Serrano talk about how prolonged running at steady rates can actually “teach” your body to store fat in certain areas around your lower body…so I like the idea of interval training, but stray from distance running myself.

I don’t want to put you down but you are 160lbs at 6 foot. I know there are plenty of 160 pounders who could outlift me but i don’t think the are as tall as you. I would work on putting on some muscle so you atleast have something to show instead of bones. laters pk