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Lower ab bulge

Hey Everyone,

Anyone know what causes that lower ab bulge? Its especially bad after i eat, my stomach just ballons like a swallowed a basketball.

If you have gas as well it may be caused by food allergy or candida (yeast infection). One way you might get rid of it is supplementing your diet with probiotics such as acidophilus and pay attention to the foods your eating to see if any certain food is causing the problem. Common culprits include dairy products, wheat, sugar, eggs, and nuts.

i read somewhere that, the bulge after you eat is your food in your intestines and what not, and they became heavy and sag, it makes perfect sense….anyway to get rid of it you will need to strengthen your internal abs so give “lost secrets of ab training” a try

Atkin’s has a theory that it is caused by a reaction to carbs. When I went on a full keto diet that stopped almost completely…

I think it’s to do with excessive anterior rotation of the pelvis and high BF levels. Stretch hip flexors and quads and strengthen abs, and diet down to below 10% and it’ll be gone.