LowCarb & Creatine

What do you all do about taking creatine while low-carbing? Also, does anyone know a good LBM-based matrix for how many grams of creatine one should take loading & maintaining?

If I recall something Dan Duchaine said once; He said that peanut butter causes an insulin response. He suggested putting peanut butter in your mouth and spitting it out. For some reason, the food in your mouth causes this response. The fat would slow down absorption if swallowed, that is why you spit it out. He also suggested that you spread out your creatine on both your carb depletion and carb loading days, taking some with each meal. With more creatine being taken on loading days. This was based on five days low, two high. He also said, if no creatine was taken on days 1-5, you could still maintain creatine loads from your two days carb/creatine fest. As far as how much normally, Charles Polquin had a ratio of .22 x bodyweight for loading for five days, followed by .11 for maintenance. Stay on for 8 weeks and take a break. He didn’t specify how long a break. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the reply Bodz. Does anyone know if I were to simply take creatine with low-carb food or on an empty stomach if that would reduce the amount I absorb or simply decrease the rate of absorption? Any good sites to learn detailed info about creatine supplementation?