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Low Zinc = Low Test?

Been reading some interesting stuff online about the relationship between zinc and testosterone. Nobody seems to know the direct link but there is strong evidence suggesting a low level of zinc can and will causes low testosterone in men.

This interests me as I recently had my zinc levels tested which came in at 9.25 umol/L (11-24 range). I’m currently taking clomid/AI to remedy my low test but still feel awful (E2 is high but test in range), could it be as simple as a lack of zinc!?

Has anyone else had any luck with supplementing zinc by itself? Would love to hear your stories.

You need zinc as a trace element in your diet. Many multi-vits have trace elements and find one with 25mg zinc, 150mcg iodine and 200mcg selenium.

Estrogen levels can increase if zinc deficient which then lowers T to some extent. If you become zinc sufficient, more does not help, but can then interfere with absorption of some other minerals. 25mg/day is all that you need, food will have some. In UK you can easily be iodine and Vit-D3 deficient.

Many feel awful taking clomid, Nolvadex does not do that. Doctors do not understand.

No one here is going to tell you that zinc solved major issues.

On Clomid do these labs:
FT - probably not in UK
LH/FSH !!!