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Low vs High Bar Squatting


I am capable of both, and prefer to use the high bar position, but for health reasons (that are none of your business so don’t worry about it) I need to start low bar squatting. Will I be sacrificing anything by exclusively low bar squatting?

What I"m talking about


No, you will be just fine.

Just make sure you have a hip hinge pattern in your routine. Probably some form of deadlift.


I wouldn’t think so, especially because you can do both.

Hope your health problems which are none of my business get better soon.


Yes you can do both if you share your health problem’s not with us but with your doctor & probably you done it already before putting your question on this forum. So ask this question to your doctor that will be a better guide for you.


Frankly, I dont think anybody should be high bar squatting, too much pressure on the vertebrae. (had a buddy had to get surgery on his neck due to subluxation of a vertebrae) The bar should be across your traps and your traps should be squeezed together.


No, I just recently made the transition and really the only difference is I had to learn to sit back further to not fall forward in the hole.