Low Volume High Frequency?

I was reading last month’s issue of Ironman and there was an arcticle on training volume vs frequency. One group trained once a week and the other group trained three times a week but the total volume was the same, I think it was one set per exercise three times a week.
This seems to point to the kind of wokouts that Ellington Darden and Arthur Jones recomend. They would do 3 full body workouts a week taking one set to failure for each exercise.
Does anyone think this study confirms the Darden-Jones style of workouts to be the best?

I would also like to know what kind of experiences people have had with the more frequent lower volume workouts compared to higher volume less frequent workouts.

I think that the best to do is vary your routine as much as you possibly can. If you do the high intensity workout, just make sure that you don’t stay with that for more than 3-4 months (as with any routine). The body expects change, and you will realize the difference when you alter your workout.



olympic lifters sometimes do stuff like this. Ask CT about this type of stuff, and he’ll give you examples of how he does it with some of the people he trains, i.e. speed skaters.

I would love more info, as this is my favorite method of training. I have been doing this for about the last three months, and my increased strength results/performance have demonstrated this. I would like to hear other’s take on this as well.

One thing I’ve heard from several different people: You’ll never get huge from doing full-body workouts.

Not to say that you can’t get results, as most people do not want to be “huge” – but just muscular. Personally, I wouldn’t mind being huge someday, so I don’t do full-body workouts that often.

I did experiment with a full-body type plan (kind of like Staley’s CPT, but with full-body circuits). Liked the workouts a lot, and got some decent results. Found that it was good for bringing up lacking body parts and weak points. Seems to work better for smaller muscle groups, from my observation.

I want to try HST someday, but my main goals are more strength related. My bench, squat, and deadlift numbers mean more to me than how I look. But again, my personal opinion, is that the majority of your training time should be spent utilizing some form of a training split. Full-body workouts are for people that want to get “toned”.