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Low Volume, High Frequency Training and Clusters?


Thib - What place (if any) do clusters of 3 or 4 (like muscle rounds from fortitude training) have in a low volume high frequency program? Are these too high in volume or intensity if training the muscle 3 times a week but only using clusters one of those days? Thank you.


Fortitude training is a very smart plan


I have tried FT and, while I liked the program, found the muscle rounds to be too much intensity when doing them for several exercises in one session twice a week. If I incorporated clusters/muscle rounds again I’d probably have to limit them to one exercise a day. That’s I was asking if you use them in your low volume higher frequency programming.


Why don’t you switch muscle round sets to pump sets in fortitude training and slow add a muscle round to one more body part tell you can handle the intensity?


That’s a solid idea, but I’m not following FT at the moment, I’m doing my own push/pull split and going to be using just one muscle round each day so all the major movements/muscles get one MR a week. It’ll give me a chance to reassess MRs on a smaller daily scale instead of entire training days of MRs, which may have been why I found them too much (for me) in FT.


Christian -

I’m planning on using clusters (of doubles or triples) once per week for the push press, bench press, and squat. This is part of a low volume high frequency setup where the major muscle groups are hit directly and indirectly 3 times per week.

If the classic recommendation is about 4-6 cluster sets in one weekly session, I am guessing 1-2 sets would suffice in a high frequency setup.

Do you have any thoughts/suggestions to make this work out better? Thank you.