Low-Volume Double Progression Post

I read a post from you a while back talking about double progression for those who can’t tolerate volume.

It was pick a rep range 1-3, 4-6, or 7-10 and perform a set of Max reps without going to failure. And then perform two more sets after that reducing weight by 10% but adding one rep.
Set 1 250x6
Set 2 225x7
Set 3 205x8

What is the major benefit of set 2 and set 3? I know you mentioned something in the post about stimulating protein synthesis.

Should a natural lifter stick to just 1 set like in your strength and size program? Or are these last two sets important for stimulating strength / size and should be performed?

Thank you

I know really, I too haven’t pretty much ever received a response by him to a question I posted here.

I think I’ll just do him a favor and leave him alone at this point…

Wow, are you single gold children who got spoonfed everything? Do you really need the validation of a coach on everything to do it? Are that anxious? How did Arnold and Reeves and whoever do it in the 50s and 60s without RPE, these machines, neurotypes, undulating periodization bla bla bla… And Sandow when there was no barbell?

I’m pretty sure he did not answer because finding what you were talking about took me around 30 secs on the forum, using the research tool:

Only one set?

Sounds pretty much like HIT/Heavy Duty! Not so fast. Despite claims to the contrary, the fact is that it’s been proven that several work sets work better than a single one.

So we will do three work sets. But only the first one (where we want to achieve the overload) is all out. The next two sets are there to get the benefit of more mechanical work on the release of local growth factors, increase in anabolic hormones, increased nutrients transport to the muscle and activation of the cell signaling leading to the start of protein synthesis.

Work set number two will use 10% less weight then set no.1. For example if you used 200lbs in set no.1, you’ll use 180lbs for set no.2. With that new weight you will do one more rep than you reached in set no.1. For example if you got 5 reps in set no.1, you do 6 in set number two. That second set shouldn’t be an all out effort.

For work set no.3 you will once again decrease the weight by 10%. And you will do one more rep than in set no.2. For example if you got 5 reps in set no.1, 6 reps in set no.2 then you’ll do 7 reps in set no.3. This also shouldn’t be an all-out set.

So to recap:

Work set 1: all-out effort

Work set 2: not an all-out effort, use 10% less weight than set 1 and do one rep more (no more than that)

Work set 3: not an all-out effort, use 10% less weight than set 2 and do one rep more (no more than that)

With this system I like to perform every exercise 2 or 3 times a week and I normally do four main movements.

CT hasn’t answered me or others in the past. Life doesn’t stop. It’s because he was too busy (and now that I work 12h a day I understand) or that the answer didn’t matter much. So then you just do what feels right. We should stop overanalyze and be paralyzed by all the information we have.

If you want to know more about hypertrophy/strength and the principles you can check videos of dr Mike Israetel on YouTube for a nice start


You didn’t even give the man a day to respond. He has said he’s giving a seminar and is flat out.

Regardless, you paid (if you actually did, I don’t believe you) for content and you received it. Not sure why you believe you deserve special treatment for it. Where does this entitlement to access to a world class coach come from? If you value his time, pay for it otherwise you should expect to be missed or get a short reply… you’re paying nothing for it.

Thib’s contribution to these forums is something we should all be grateful for, he’s continued to show commitment to them. Even when he’s gone through health issues he’s helped people out but good on you for tearing up your panties because you didn’t get a response within 24 hours.


It appears he has responded to you 33 times. Your on his most replied to list.

Stop being a baby.


No I’m not saying it is CTs fault at all… I know he’s busy and doesn’t have to answer everyone… I was meaning this forum is getting overloaded which I understand why because he is a good coach and everyone wants his advice…

But I would almost rather pay money and do a phone consultation I wonder if he does any of that?


  1. I’m giving seminars every weekends, which includes traveling around the world. When I give a seminar I don’t even open my computer most of the time. And if I travel abroad I will often not be there thursday - Monday.

  2. 'My wife is pregnant and we have doctor appointments every week

  3. We are building a new house, once again, meetings with contractors, bank, etc. pretty much every week

  4. My own training

  5. Coaching

I honestly try to do my best to answer as much as possible. But I’m not a robot!


Yes, although they are skype consults… in’s on the front page of my website

I don’t remember posting that to be honest.

Now, in that situation the extra 2 sets would have a training effect:

  1. Continuing creating muscle fatigue after the failure set. Going to failure will leave your muscles trashed and tired and the additional sets will easily fatigue some fibers a little more even if you don’t go to failure (which increases CNS stress). Fatiguing muscle fibers is one of the ways to trigger muscle growth

  2. You will have neurological improvements; even submaximal work has a positive impact if the weight is heavy enough at the moment.

  3. If the rest are in the right zone (normally 8-12 reps) you will release local growth factors due to the acidification of the muscles which will contribute to hypertrophy even if you don’t reach failure.

Now, should a natural stick to only one all-out work set? Not always. Sorry but that is the correct answer.

Some people cannot handle volume, others can. Some people will produce too much cortisol from volume, others will release more GH and less cortisol. Drugs will, of course, allow you to tolerate more volume by reducing the negative impact of cortisol. But that doesn’t mean that if you are natural you absolutely can’t do volume (I know “The Best Damn Workout for Natties” is misleading, I didn’t came up with it) and that if you are on drugs you can do a lot of volume… a neurotype 1A cannot do a lot of volume even if he is on drugs.

What was the question. I HATE this thread because it makes me look bad and sound like someone who doesn’t care. I go out of my way to answer as many questions as I can… heck some of my answers are almost as long as full articles!

BUT sometimes I won’t answer, either because the topic is boring to me, because it’s not my area of expertise, because it’ something super obvious, because others already gave a good answer or simply because I missed it.


Thank you for your response. I appreciate it! I will most likely do a Skype consultation in the future as well!
Thanks again

You posted 17 threads in his forum this year alone (and dozens more over the last three years). There have been two threads this year (and just a handful over the years) where he didn’t reply to you. In most of your other threads, he actually replied several times to give you in-depth advice.

You’ve posted 12 different threads in his forum. While he didn’t reply to every one of your threads, Thib did reply to you a total of 17 times. Not sure which is more insulting, you forgetting that he’s replied to you a bunch or you simply saying he rarely replies.


I understands why he does it though. After he posted his neurotype thread and explained that he has an anxious personality this makes sense to me. Anxious people are those who ask questions upon question, sometimes to the point of getting annoying. And if they don’t get an answer they freak out.

But this is not to be unpleasant or to take advantage. It’s a subconscious strategy of their brain to reduce anxiety. Anxious people NEED to understand everything, all the details, and they are insecure about things they are not 100% sure of, which increases their anxiety even more. So I don’t take it personally now.


I applaud Chris Colucci for having your back, and you for having the patience to answer who I thought to be rude people. Much respect!

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You know, developing and teaching neurotyping made me an expert at understanding people. Their motivation, why they act the way they do. And things I took personally in the past don’t bother me as much now because I understand where it comes from.

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