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Low TT & Very Low FT + High TSH. What Do You Guys Think?

Hello guys, recently I’ve gotten my blood work results, I think my T is pretty low considering I’m a 21yo male:

TT: 350 ng/dl

FT: 1.5 ng/dl (only 0.42% of TT)

LH: 7.9 mUI/ml

FSH: 2.5 mUI/ml

Estradiol: 112 pmol/L

Prolactin: 364 µUI/mL

SHBG: 32.95 nmol/L

Also, if it matters, my TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) is also out of range, pretty high, at 7.08.

Blood work was taken at 8:30AM, after 6h of sleep. I’ve been eating healthy in the past few months, went to the gym daily and built some muscle mass, taking zinc, vitamin D3, selenium, average 8h of sleep per night, eating enough fats, my cholesterol is actually pretty high.

My LH and FSH seem to be within range, although LH is borderline high, while FSH is borderline low. TT, although low, seems to be within “normal” range, while FT seems to be extremely low, women levels type of low.

Do you think this might be hypogonadism? Or maybe it has something to do with my thyroid that’s causing my low T levels, considering my high TSH? I’m definitely going to an endo doctors asap, just wanted to hear your guys’ opinions while waiting for my schedule date.

Thanks a lot!

EDIT: A person asked if I got a full thyroid panel, which I did, here are the other results:

TSH: 7.08 (0.27 - 4.2)
FT3: 6.2 pmol/L (3.4 - 6.8)
FT4: 19.8 pmol/L (10.6 - 22.7)
T3: 1.9 nmol/L (1.27 - 3.07)
T4: 106.3 nmol/L (66 - 181)
All the antibodies are within range (Anti-TPO and Tg)

How do you feel?

How much vitamin D, zinc and selenium are you taking?

I ask because all 3 of those, in really excessive doses, have a few things you should be aware of.

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Hi, thanks for replying.

These are the average amounts I take daily, more or less:

Vitamin D3: 2500iu
Zinc: 30-40mg each night before sleep
Selenium: honestly I don’t know, it’s probably a very small amount, definitely not taking it in excess

I’m feeling weird. This word describes it the best. Literally, I don’t feel like myself, or at least like I used to be. Like I’m living in a fucking simulation, like I’m floating, most of the time I don’t even know how the days are passing.
My memory is pretty shit, I used to remember all kinds of stuff, even stuff I didn’t want to, now I can barely hold a conversation face to face with someone, 'cause I can’t focus on what they’re saying, like I have ADHD or something. Intelligence wise, I honestly think I’m straight up dumber now compared to 1-2 years ago.
My social anxiety is worse than ever. I’ve never been that super confident and outgoing guy, but definitely not an introvert either. Now I get heart palpitations, my pulse goes up like I did 30mins of cardio on the treadmill just by doing basic stuff such as going out to buy groceries (it’s not all the times this extreme, but it’s getting more frequent).
I feel as I’m more moody/bitchy, don’t know better words to put it.

On the other hand, I don’t have problems with ED, libido or basically anything sexual at all in general, I actually still get random erections throughout the day without even thinking about anything specific.

Please post ranges for estradiol And prolactin?

Your testosterone does look low.

You state you don’t feel right.

Did you get more labs.

Metabolic panel
Thyroid panel
Thyroid antibodies
Dhea s
Lipid panel
Am cortisol

Glad your going to an endocrinologist at your age.

Labs above and endo will check adrenal and pituitary function.
Thyroid TSH is high at 7. You can start with thyroid treatment first and fix that.

Endo needs to rule out disease. I would also get a thyroid ultrasound and maybe a pituitary MRI.

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Thanks a lot for the reply, range for estradiol is 41.4 - 159 and for prolactin is 98 - 456.

All thyroid antibodies are within normal lab range, also all the lipids are within range, except for LDL Cholesterol which is 132 (range <100 optimally).

Will definitely get all of those checked.

Also if LH and fsh are at least mid range and your t on low end. Get testicular ultrasound.

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Your thyroid numbers, with the exception of tsh, look okay. But T4 is so harmless, a trial might be in order due to the high tsh. High LDL also suggests thyoid, but that’s not very definitive on its own.

Your T is low. Not only for your age, it’s low. You do need a good endo.

Charlie12’s list of tests is a good place to start: ferritin (storage iron) is cheap and tells you something, and you seem stressed, so the whole cortisol line is good to look at.

As for the supps, that’s a highish zinc dose. >40 mg/day can suppress copper uptake/absorption. You could add in some beef liver for copper and vitamin A. Jarrows also makes a Zinc Balance supplement which has 15/1 zinc/copper but a multivitamin, in reasonable doses, may be better. Supplemental selenium =<100 mcg/day is fine. Eating seafood should be enough. You might want to track your iodine intake for a week out of curiosity.

You could also test:

  • a1c
  • fasting insulin
  • copper and ceruloplasmin
  • vitamin d (35-50 ng/ml is ideal, IMO)
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Thanks a lot! Will definitely go see a good endo.

Sounds good. Young men have a T spike in the morning, so hopefully the test just missed that.

Keep us informed of your progress.


Will do for sure.

I’m gonna start a “Testosterone Natural Boosting Challenge” or some stuff like that, I’m gonna do everything I can starting from diet, to supplements, sleep etc, to improve my T naturally and will go take another blood test in a month from now, see how it comes up then.

I don’t know why, but I have a feeling that it might have to do with my thyroid considering my high TSH, once I get treatment for the thyroid, the testosterone might recover too by itself, hopefully.

Please provide reference ranges.

Your labs are indicating testicular failure, testosterone should be on the higher end alongside high LH.

Supplementing iodine would see an increase in TSH rendering testing TSH useless.