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Low TSH and Low Test


So recently I have blood tests showing low TSH. I have already been diagnosed with low T. If it turns out to be secondary hypothyroidism then what comes next? What else does the pituitary gland help support…I want to get tests so I can see it coming instead of suffering and guessing and suffering and guessing…

I know Ksman speaks often of thyroid issues especially mentioning the importance of iodine. Anyway if anyone has any insight or pointers so I can inquire about my own health as it seems the doctors don’t always care as much about my health and well being as I do.

I am alive and relatively healthy so I can really complain but I do want to have something closer to thriving health than just getting by.

I know growth hormone is controlled by the pituitary but no sure what test to specifically ask for. I want to see a test that’s healthy and then at least have something to compare it to instead of ranges and averages … Even if I have no symtoms yet I am sure they with come eventually if they are pituitary related…

Thanks for reading I look forward to any responses…


If you read KSMan, then you know about his stickies on the important topics. I’m feeling nice today and got accused of being aggressive…so here is the lab work sticky


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To relate I have searched and read and gotten test done. I have searched and read for hours and hours. I know some people have nothing to do except insult but that was not the intention of my thread nor is it the intention of this forum.

Your post was more than unwelcome and you again need to find something better to do with your time.


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Your original post is rife with questions that could have been easily answered if you had taken the time to look. But I gave you a link to get you started but instead you decided to throw a hissy fit and kick me off your thread LOL