Low Tren to Gain, High Tren to Cut?

I myself have a few tren cycles under my belt. I really like the stuff. I have only used the enanthate ester. In my constant search for knowledge I came across a new source of info.

My question is really a polling of experience. I have always been of the mind that you run tren higher for a gaining cycle and low for a cutting cycle. (Just like most AAS) For a cutting cycle the midset is use just enough to prevent catabolic action and prevent muscular deterioration in a caloric deficient environment. For gaining use just enough to gain without over using and magnifying side effects. I personally have had good luck gaining at 400 mgs a week with a test base. I have only once ran a quasi cutting cycle with tren in the mix at 200 mgs a week.
Well this new source of info claims you run tren lower to gain and higher to cut. His gaining dosage is still close to what I use, around 200-400 mgs per week. But for cutting he recommended what I thought was extremely high dosage of 800-1000 per week. His explanation is at that dosage your metabolism is so high you basically can’t keep fat on. Also that your metabolism is so high at the high cutting dosage you can’t gain either basically your body burns up everything so fast there is never enough to have something left over to build with.

Is tren the counter intuitive AAS? Is it a compound you run lower for gains and higher for cutting thus being essentially opposite of the other AAS’s? Or is this extra high dose protocol for cutting just a third option?

So what is everyone else’s experience? Do you guys run low for cut and higher for gain? Is this dosage that I think is extremely high another third option for tren or is my original concept flawed?
Has anyone ventured that high with tren? I am planning a springtime cycle of drier gaining and was originally thinking of going to 600 mgs a week vs my past dosage of 400 mgs but this new source of info has me questioning my plan.

1000mg of tren a week is freaking insane.

Yeah, I agree! With any dosage I find online I assume that the person is speaking about UGL and thus the number is suspect. Even if the stuff he uses is half dosed he still says low dose to gain and high dose to cut. This approach seems anomalous but if there is a new approach to one of my favorites I want to know about it.

With the lack of anyone else commenting I am getting the picture that this new source of info is just another one to take with a grain of salt.

Bro don’t fucking take 1000mg of ten.
350-450 I read should be max ever. You won’t get more benefit doing more, only more danger and crazy progesterone.
Seriously I read ur post next to a friend of mine who’s an old school bber who’s been training/competing for 35years and he was like what the fuck.

I am not about to take 1000 mgs a week. I have the spring time cycle planned right now. I was going to up my tren dosage. As I said I usually dose at 400 mgs per week. I thought about 600 per week but if with this new source saying high dose to cut I had to reconsider my plan because I am planning a dry gaining cycle. If this new source of info actually turned out to be legit then me upping my dosage would be counter productive.

I honestly felt like disregarding this new source but there was a review on DHB. I have two loves, tren and dhb. The dhb review was very in tuned with my experience and given it is a less common compound it made me think maybe this source was on to something with this tren info.
Seeing the total lack of anyone commenting then I have to believe that this source probably just got lucky with the dhb review and the tren review should be disregarded.

From my reading for my upcoming tren cycle. Test also comes into play. High test, low tren for mass vs high tren low test for cut.