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Low Touch on Super Katana A/S


So I have a new superk a/s that is very tight. Now I have benched in a tighter titan fury and can rocket it down to my chest with absolute ease. My problem is that with this shirt, as I row it down it really seems to force the bar path wayyyyy too low (IPF). A part of the problem I think is that I bought an A/S because my raw bench has a large arch. But whenver I put on a shirt, it really seems to flatten me. So I am trying to figure out how to use this shirt....

Any specific way to put it on to make the touch higher? Rotate sleeves forward or backwards?

Any specific way to arch better in a shirt? Which belt? I use the inzer lever 13mm/4inch.

Any specific way to approach rowing the bar in order to get it to touch higher?

Any recommended ways to break it in to favour higher touch?

I have thus far put up 205kg to a 1bd and 180kg to the chest. Probably all illegal low touches... The biggest reason I can't bench significantly more, is because of this low touch! Anyone knows that pulling that bar back from your bellybutton is fricking hard. thanks for the advice!


I use an SS so I will tell you what works for me. I just let the shirt ride up until I can get the groove. Once I start to hit right I start to pull it down a bit at a time. At first it feels like it's going to choke me out, but it seems to me that there is no short cut with these shirts.

You sound like you will be hitting some good numbers with your shirt.


So any advice on getting the touch higher??? Can I even tighten the top end of the sleeve to make it more S/S???


I always hit to the chest IPF style when I used a SS and I use quite an arch