Low Total Test with Higher Dose

Hi guys,

I’ve been on TRT for the past 7 years with no issues @180mg test E/week.

Total test always around 1000 ng/dL

2 months ago I did a test that gave me test of 230 ng/dL. That’s extremely low as I am usually near 1000.

I assumed my test was bunk and went for another brand and upped the dose to 300mg/week!

Did the test after 4 weeks and test only rose to 900ng/dL. That’s less then it did when I was on 180mg. Almost double the dose!

Got me some 100% farmacy grade for 2 months, took at 250mg/week and got the readings today - still 900ng/dL.

I know total test is not significant but I’m worried I may have some health issue preventing total test to go up.

Researched a lot and found nothing on this topic.

Free test is around 21 - 23pg/ml.

Any inputs?!

How do you inject what time compared to injection blood was drawn

Always pinned on my delts. Can that be the issue? 7 years of pinning the same spot leading to scar tissue that obstructs absorption?

Injected Monday night, drawn blood Thursday morning. Aprox. 56 hours later.

Thanks for the reply!!

No I dont think pinning in the same spot can reduce absorption, but if you are not lean enough and you use 1/2 it can very well become sub-q injection instead of IM. It was the case with me. And with sub q you have a lot of variability with absorbtion

Thanks for the reply.

I’m using IM pediatric needle and I am 8/9%BF so that should not be the case.