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Low Total Test Low SHBG

So recently had bloods run to see how my levels were after an AAS cycle some months ago while I dont have a full read out because the lab at dayton vamc is incompetent i do have a few daunting but important numbers . I am 37 years old 6’1 230 BF% 20 ish im guessing could be lower dont really know . ive done two cycles of aas first cycle a full pct of nolvadex clomid and hcg was used. (2018) second cycle i went a more subpar pct route which could be the reasoning behind these values .

I have little to no sex drive most days so sex once a week has been suitable. not really that ambitious at work and i still manage to train with a moderate intensity at the gym. With all that being said i dont feel like my usual self at all. Contacted my nurse/doc at the vamc so pursue a route of trt because I feel thats what I need given the lab results and the endo department basically told me to GFYS they referred me to urology for whatever reason. TBT ! So basically im at a point where i’m thinking the idea of a self administered TRT protocol might be the move . and ive lurked quite bit on pharma ans this sub forum and i just want a general opinion from the experts on this forum. because my wife isnt happy that i dont wanna fuck her and everyone knows happy wife happy life. I appreciate everyones help/advice in advance Thanks !

TESTOSTERONE 264 ng/dL 240-814
SHBG 12 nmol/L 11-80

Your SHBG will be low for a while if you run cycles, more androgens equals less SHBG. Did you do a PCT? If so, when did it end and what did you do?

i did do a pct that consisted on nolvadex 40/40,20/20 did add in some clomid at 100 mg a day for like a week or so. I didnt runany hcg cause I am done having kids didnt see the need (rookie mistake ) i ended my cycle in mid april 2019 waited 1-2 weeks for the test c and mast e esters clear than started the nolvadex.

My cycle was dbol kicker 25mg a day for 30 days along with test cypionate 600mg a week for weeks 1-12 600mg week divided into two doses. ran masteron enanthate 300 mg a week divided into two doses weeks 8-12.

3 weeks would have been a better wait, but it is what it is. The HCG isn’t really necessary, and would only have helped during the wait. You don’t use it with the Nolva. Your restart worked, but you’re low. Do you know what your levels were pre-cycle? You might come up fine on your own over the next month or so. Or that may be your new natural level. Hard to say for sure at this point. For certain, give it a little time. If time doesn’t heal, consider Blast and Cruise as a lifestyle.

yeah i mean its been 7 plus months and no i didn’t run bloods after first cycle . as for blast and cruise thats the route i was thinking of going but just wanted to see what the concensus was. i was planning on running another cycle close to what i did before but when the bloods come back i was very alarmed.

Hardartery probably missed that you completed your cycle in April of last year.

Personally I doubt you’ll improve anymore, I definitely think you’re a candidate for trt, I’d look at that route and get dialed in there before blasting again. You’ll be amazed of what you can do with a good trt program.

lol i think so ! but appreciate the reply .yeah i have a appointment with va urology but im not sure what they will be able to do for me. hence why im considering the blast and cruise or just a self treated trt route. ive heard defy labs or something referenced in a few other posts seems like it could be a safer route than ugl.

Yeah, just depends on what you’re looking for.

I think @dextermorgan has a doc he can recommend, I think he’s about 150/month everything included. I’ll let him comment on the accuracy of that though.

I missed the 7 months part. I think you’re looking B & C.

Yeah Defy Medical will likely prescribe to you, if you want a legit prescription. The problem is you have to get your meds through a particular pharmacy they use so you can’t just go to CVS and use insurance for it

oh i dont have insurance anyway I go thru the va medical center but they told me to piss off lol

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If you want a telemedicine TRT clinic I can put you in touch with mine. $150/month includes T & syringes shipped to your door. There’s many like them. If you want mine email me (email in bio)

Emailed you . Thanks again

For those that have replied do any of you think a clomid restart would help ?

Nope, but it won’t hurt to try I guess.

Yeah, I agree it probably won’t help, but it may be worth it just to show yourself that you did everything else you could before staring trt.

Most likely while on clomid your T levels will go up, but when you stop it it’ll go back to where it is now. Also some men just don’t like how they feel on clomid. Never tried it myself though, just reporting what I’ve read.

Hopefully sex drive and overall mood will increase I know eventually trt is the route I have to go just struggling doing trt for therapeutic/ health and wellness reasons (feeling normal) versus running a cycle and feeling like super man for 4-6 months out of the year. I’m gonna mention clomid to the urologist Wednesday see what he or she thinks .

well an update the va med center sent me for urology consult which was a waste of time and endo wont talk to me because im still within the normal range . so options im considering are of course self administered trt proto . running another actual cycle be superman for a bit then run bloods after the cycle to show what will likely be even lower levels in which then they will treat me. just a few things kicking around in my head!

Your doctor can prescribe TRT is there is a medical benefit, which the guidelines clearly state. A 37 year old man scoring at levels seen in old men and not getting treatment is just unbelievable in today’s age considering we spend more on healthcare than any developed country.