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Low to No Sex Drive after PCT?

Hello T Nation , i have some question , please help me with ur experience :slight_smile:

So im 30 years old
And ive been on my firsy ever cycle of Testosterone enanthate only
500mg / week for 10 weeks
I did my pct 2 weeks after the last injection with Clomid 50mg/day
And ive been taking clomid for about 4 weeks

The problem now is : i cant get erection (no morning woods) and i have zero desire of sex

Should i keep going for pct until next cpl week ? Or do u guys have the same thing as mine and what to do ?
Thank you :purple_heart::muscle:t2:

Maybe started a little too soon, so keep going another two weeks. Also, are you seeing any other improvements? Certain your Clomid is real?

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Allright ill keep going another 2 weeks
And yes, i got my clomid from the legit pharmacy here :slight_smile:
Improvement , only see i gain muscle mass and look more defined
I used to have alot acne on my chest on cycle , but after 4 weeks of clomid ; all acnes are gone
(Does it count ?)

Acne gone likely indicates little or no exogenous testosterone in your system. It doesn’t mean your balls are very active yet. Keep going with the clomid 2 weeks extra minimum, do another 2 weeks after that, if you still don’t feel adequately recovered.


As others said you started too soon so continue. Some hormonal fluctuation negatives will include lack of libido for awhile. Just normal.

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Thanks guys for the feedback !

Do u think Clomid 50mg/day is just enough?
Should i add smtgh like AI (anastrazole) ?

And is it true that Nolva kill gains ?
(I read from the journal that it will decrease IGF-1 after 12 weeks administration)
^the reason i chose Clomid insteas of Nolva

No (eating too little and working out less after cycle will tho)


Clomid at 50mg is the highest most people can use, without courting side effects. You might only need 25mg/day.

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I will try to carry on the pct for another cpl weeks with Clomid 50mg/day

Hopefuly i could get my erection back :slight_smile:

Hope you get it back soon, and glad you took the plunge! Where in asia are you living in?

hey bro i live in Bali Indonesia :slight_smile: