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Low Testosterone


Ok guys, some background, Im 27yrs old 6'4 208lbs.. I had my test checked in Aug of 05. Found out my test is around 227ng/dl. My free test is around 43.4 pg/ml Now according to the ref range, the free is in "range" and the overall is low.

I have been taking a t-booster, viastat, and found that is having a reverse effect on the libido. Sometimes, I cannot sustain an erection for long, and I have zero sex drive. Its having a huge impact on my relationship with my fiance. My old doc wouldnt do anything for me, he just told me I am depressed basically. So Im going to a new doc soon.

Does it sound like I need some T therapy? I work out at the gym 3 days a week, I train, cardio, and play hoops often. So lack of exercise shouldnt be my problem. I just know when I hit 22yrs old or so, my drive is in the toilet. Suggestions?


Get a new doc and more tests. Not only T (which is LOW) but LH, FSH, etc.. Check diet sleep etc.. try and get a handle on it and see what the cause is prior to T therapy unless you are comfortable with LIFE long replacement from your age on.

Check out Cy Willson's article "level with me doc....." It has all the test you need etc..

Good luck,


Yep, Im going to a new doc. I dont know if I should get another test or not. I did a test awhile ago, however my estrogen levels were not checked. He did the basic tests, potassium, creatinine, etc... globulun.
I have been taking a t booster and some other supps, however if I do get tested I want to make sure that they dont interfere with the tests should I need to take another one. I havent used the t booster supp for about a week or so. Is this sufficient time for it to be out of my system?
Should I take another test, or just go in with the results that I have and see what he thinks? I still think 227 is extremely low for my age. My diet is good, fruits, veggies, no fast foods, drink a ton of water, and in pretty decent shape. I also sleep a good 7-8hrs a night.. Any help would be appreciated


Make sure your going to an endocrinologist.

227 for a 27 year old is pathetic.

Shame on your doc for not doing more to help you.



If they are worth their weight they will order more test and try and find the source of the prob and move from there.

Id say on the supps etc. drop everything for 4-6 weeks if you can. Get a natural base line of everything, unless you are looking to fool the test in your favor that is. Then chow down the soy isolate, alcohol and train HARD twice daily and dont eat much ore sleep. LOL


I'll second that. Check out the post "Your Doctor, your dealer".

Either way, this guy shouldnt have to cheat at 227 level. thats downright awful for a 27 year old. Ive heard of people in their 50's with double that.

Keep pushin, keep going for it. Its your body and your life, you got one life to live, and you deserve to be the best you can be.


Thx for the input. I have been reading and seeing levels of the "norm" range, and I thought mine was out of whack. Obviously this is why of the soft erections, extremely low libido, always tired among things.
But again, scheduled to go see a doc next Tues. Hopefully he will refer me to an specialist.
Thanks for everything guys! :slightly_smiling:


I saw my other doctor, and described to him my symptoms. He seems more willing to help me out, after showing him my last reports. I had some more blood drawn and it looks like he is going test for further studies. He is now going to be testing TSH, as it is. However, he stated that he does not want to test estradiol levels yet ?!? Not sure why. Also he is not checking the lipid panel. Definitely matabolic, TSH, free bound T among others. Is there a reason why they dont test for estradiol levels? This maybe the whole reason behind the low T's. Any thoughts?