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Low Testosterone?


I'm 17 and a healthy guy. I have never had anything majorly wrong with me, except for ACNE. I have a very strong sex drive and a fast metabolism, which makes it hard for me to put on muscle.

I am 6'0 and weigh 140. I guess I am of decent strentgh for my size, I can bench 140 and squat 205.

I have all the signs of high testosterone (facial hair, decent strentgh, fast metabolism, high sex drive, etc), but my lack of courage is a bad sign.

I don't seem to have the balls (testosterone) to face my fears. This happens alot in my life, and here are some recent examples.

  1. This guy wont stop giving me shit. I get real mad but dont have the balls to fight him, even though he is smaller than me and I know I could beat him up. I know in my mind that I need to fight him so it will stop, but I can't seem to force myself to throw that first punch. I get too scared.

I've only been in a few fights in my life, and they were all started by someone else, I have never been able to start the fight myself.I know this isnt normal because I know of alot of guys who have the balls to fight someone who's giving them shit.

  1. I don't seem to have the balls to approach/talk to girls I'm interested in. I know I have to do this if I want to date the girl, but the fear sets in and I get too scared too do it. I don't have the balls for it.

Once again, this is not normal as I know tons of guys who have the balls to approach many girls and get numbers.

  1. In general, I am more passive than aggressive. I am usually upbeat and happy and it takes alot to get me mad.
    I am conservative and I normally dont take too many risks. Testosterone is supposed to make you take more risks and be aggressive, and Im the opposite of that.

There are a lot of other things I could think of but I can't remember them right now.

Is this low testosterone?


No way to tell without a blood test. Usually though, guys with low test have little muscle mass and a low sex drive. Sounds to me that you might have been intimidated by a fight in your early years and are reliving that moment. If you have the time and money, enroll in a good martial arts program, where they will teach you proper aggression techniques, how to deal with jerks, and so forth.


Doubt it

Probably lower self-esteem.

I doubt if it's been clinically tested as to wether or not T 'gives you courage.'

As far as the fighting--that's a kid thing and you have to decide that. But something like getting numbers or public speaking or any confronting of fears gets easier with repetition. How you figure out to get started is personal--once you do each successive time will/should prove easier.

Get out there and get going.


nah dude, you just need to build some confidence. Have some faith in yourself. Look at this quote

James F. Bikes once said?

?Too many people are thinking of security instead of opportunity. They seem to be more afraid of life than death.?



This has nothing to do with balls or T levels, but sounds more like a confidence problem. Consider it a minor nusiance for that matter. Can't speak for anyone but myself but, too many women and too much fighting have caused me more problems than most other things. Try focusing on productive activities that will build your self esteem and confidence. Lifting is a good one. The women will come eventualy, and the fighting will be further from your mind.
Eat smart and lift heavy.


It's not that I'm not confident I will win the fight or get the numbers, I am just scared.

I know I want to do it and I have to do it, but fear gets the better of me. So many guys I know dont have a problem with fighting someone who is giving them shit or going up to girls and getting numbers. It seems like they have the balls to do it and I dont.

Also, I am more passive than aggressive in everyday situations. It takes alot to get me mad, as I am usually pretty upbeat and happy.

I am mostly non-confrontational and I dont like confronting someone or being confronted.

I dont know if those last two things are related to testosterone, but I would think they are.


Dude, stand up for yourself. It's not like you don't have control of your own actions. Don't blame hormones. If you're fed up with something and the way you've been approaching life, YOU need to do something about it. And if you want to gain muscle, eat more.


Your describing aspects of your personality, not symptoms of testosterone deficiency. Given your first paragraph in your first post, the chance of you having testosterone deficiency is almost nil.

Like someone else said, focus on things more important. If your worried about others picking fights with you, lift weights and eat til your 6 ft and 200+ lbs muscle, and you will find much fewer people interested in picking fights with you.


So what do you want to hear. That it's low T so you can blame something.
Take a pill and make it all better.

You've said nothing new in this post. You've added words like passive and non-confrontational, but quite honestly that was inferred in your first post.

Fighting is not a sign of high T. It's almost always a sign of other issues. It doesn't take alot of T to make a bully--usually just a low self-esteem.

It may not be the girls you're afraid of it may be failure. Just do it. i'd rather have some guy who occasionally fails big time than a quiet mild achiever on my staff anytime. You just have to do it. Not fight--but take the first step.


getting into fights has nothing to do with T levels...only stupidity levels.

But what you're describing has nothing to do with hormones. It's just the type of person you are. There are tons of ways to boost your confidence and thus lower your fear level. Just start with baby steps, start talking to girls just as friends, even if it's just online for starters...Don't worry about the fighting thing cause that's just stupid. If you're in college you can maybe take a public speaking course to help.


Hey man,

 I'm a doc in GA. and I gotta say I agree with most of the posts so far.  Your talking about character and personality.  I disagree that because you know a ton of guys who will go up to a girl or start a fight, that you are not normal.  There are just as many guys that you have probably never sen go up to a girl or start a fight.  This is in no way related to your testosterone level.  In fact, people who are more passive and do have low testosterone usually remain passive when their levels are sky high, and people who are very agressive, I have seen them in my office with low testsoterone levels.

Based on the 1st paragraph of your post, it is highly unlikely that you have low testosterone, and given that you want to ask a girl out or start the fight...they libido and desire to do those things in influenced by the hormone level, not the actual action. That is up to you. Caveat: the only true way to know for sure is to have your level checked.


Some fears are good. Call it self preservation. People with absolutely no fear are out of ballance and at risk of getting in to some serious or life threatening situations. Believe me. I lived a good part of my life being too stupid to be scared. It's not all it is cracked up to be.

You sound like a decent and well adjusted kid. Leave the fighting to the fighters and keep your attention focused on better things. Getting a little boost of confidence and glory at someone elses expense by kicking their ass is short lived and bitter sweet. If someone else is trying to get this off of you, don't give them the pleasure. The trade offs realy aren't worth it.


A lot of people may disagree with this statement, but I don't think it is so great to "start" a fight. By no means am I saying you should not defend yourself. If someone attacks you, then you have the right to defend yourself and should. However, just because someone is annoying you or talking trash, I think it is best to ignore them and walk away. Just my opinion.

The rest seems to be a confidence issue. Try to develop more confidence in yourself. If you are interested in a girl, talk to her.



hey Mike

This from an old guy who used to feel exactly the way you do. It's not low T. Furthermore, it's not uncommon or abnormal.

You've got plenty of balls, that's not it, either. This kind of fear is essentially a feeling brought on by a cognitive distortion. It's how it seems/feels, it's not how it is. Like you, for most of my youth I was hypersensitive. That changed for me over time, mostly as a result of counseling. You've reached out to this site for help, you can also reach out by talking to a counselor, confidentially. Consider it . . . it can help. The FEAR can be thought of as an acronym for Forgetting Everything's All Right.

Fight this other kid only if you have to. Keep liftin' weights and he'd be crazy to, anyway.

Ask the next girl you like to go see a movie. If she says no, ask another. Just put one foot in front of the other, and in the absence of genuine self-confidence, FAKE IT.



You sound exactly like me when I was younger. I didn't go looking for trouble.

I was always taught to stand up for myself though.. You would be surprised how many bullies back off when you give em a good shot.

I don't want to tell you to get in a fight but if you have someone riding you all the time, DO NOT back down! High school seems to feed on that. You will probably get in trouble, maybe with the law, but it will be worth it in the end to know that your not anyones bitch. Hit him square in the chest..

As for the girls you will get there eventually, it is hard to get over the fear of rejection.


There is a difference between starting a fight and not being a pussy. Stand up for yourself and if they don't back down don't be afraid to hit first. I got into countless confrontations in school that either ended by my willingness to fight or from a single hit. Once they know your not going to take it, they stop.


I see what you are all saying, and I understand that my descriptions are personality/character traits.

But wouldn't having high testosterone influence those traits in one way or another?

What about all those studies done that show testosterone is linked to aggression and risk-taking, the studies that show that criminals have higher testosterone than the working class. Testosterone does effect your personality/character...

If I did have high test, I would be more confident, more aggressive, more willing to take risks (courage), and all the personality traits I am describing wouldnt be there.

I dont think anyone can deny that test influences your personality/character.


Hey mike. You asked for advice, and you're getting it. I don't think arguing with the advice givers is a very good idea. If you want to get tested for testosterone levels, then by all means, go ahead and get tested.

But the prevailing opinion here seems to be, it's more your personality and character that are what cause your lack of aggressiveness. Not everyone IS aggressive, but self-esteem and confidence are things you can work on.

Martial arts is an awesome way to boost booth. Just working out will boost your confidence, probably faster than you are even seeing muscle gains. There are books, videos, councelors, to help you with esteem issues.

The guy who picks on you IS more afraid of YOU than you are of him. He also has LOWER self esteem than you do. He picks on you because he CAN. If you even BARKED at him once, I bet he'd back down. I mean that literally. He bugs, you, and you let out a giant 'WOOF!' loud as you can, right in his face, he'd jump 10 feet back, I bet. Not only would he be scared of your 'retaliation', he'd also think you are crazy, and believe me, it's smart to be scared of crazy people.

Bottom line is, if you want him to stop picking on you, you will have to do something, or it could carry on for a long time. If you stand up to him, the odds are very small that you'll have to fight him. And if he throws the first punch, ( which he won't ) hopefully, it will bring out the crazy in you, you'll beat the crap out of him, and your problem should be solved anyhow.

But please, lay off the low testosterone argument. If you want to persue that route any further, get tested.

Otherwise, please LISTEN to the advice given by the people that you asked to help you.


I can deny that testosterone affects your personality and character traits. You are only minimally educated on the topic. You are correct that SOME risk takers and SOME criminals have been shown to have elevated levels of testosterone; however, if you study only men with very high levels of testosterone...then do you think that ALL of them would be risk takers or criminals? No. A tendency is not an absolute. I have seen this in practice, I have treated numerous men with low testosterone levels, and have increased many of them to supertherapeutic levels....and I have not seen very many become risk taker, criminals, or even change their personality. It's sort of like nature vs. nurture....High levels of testosterone may make you more likely to be a criminal or a risk taker if those characteristics or personality traits are already in you, they will not create aggressive traits in a passive person.
Lots of people have given you answers, and you just keep coming back to the thread with but this and but that. If you ask for others' opinions, then acknowledge them and make your own decisions but hey who cares that I shit in my own skillet anyway?


dude it aint your test levels, theres a site for you doubleyourdating.com. If you dont have an intention to train than why are you here? honestly at 17 I doubt anyone has low test. maybe low confidence, or wussyness but thats about it, go see ur other thread and read my response.