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Low Testosterone


Just last week i had some bloodwork done and decided to get my test levels checked out. turns out it's low. very low. like at 30 when it needs to be around 250-300.

they prescribed a testosterone compound (couldn't get a name). i was thinking of taking Alpha Male. i don't plan on taking both at once, however, would Alpha Male do the trick?

Also, if anyone is interested, i'm 25. eat really healthy meals, 4-5 meals a day, lift twice a week, and box 3-4 nights a week. i generally stay very active and supplement with Flameout and zma. i don't smoke or drink either. i'm just worried/curious as to why my test levels are so low...


30??? You must be reading that wrong. Anything below 300 is considered very low, thirty would put you in the eunich category. 300 to 800 is considered normal ranges although 500 to 900 is ideal. Have your Doc breakdown the full panel to you in regard to your correct test level, free test level, estrodial level, as well as other hormones such as TSH.

If slightly low then Alpha Male can and may help, but if it's due to some other health related reason then prescription help may be the answer. Your Doc should know and give you a better understanding of this.



If you are on TRT than taking Alpha Male would be pointless.

You should also do more research into what you are injecting/rubbing on your skin/swallowing before you actually do it.


thanks for the quick replies.
i haven't picked up the medication they've prescribed yet, but yeah, i'll definitely do some research before i use it.

and yes, they told me 30. i was like "wtf?!" and she confirmed 30. i figure i should be dead or something by now. x_X
i don't take any other prescriptions. only other supps i use are Metabolic Drive and Surge. this has me boggled. :confused:


oh, and would be using Rez-V be helpful?


Rez-V is an excellent anti oxidant anti aging supplement in addition to helping control estrogen levels in men. So, yes, it's a good one to use. I still highly recommend getting a detailed explanation from your Doc. on your lab work to know exactly where you stand. The only info you have is the thirty number which sounds off and that's it. Get a better explanation.

Good luck,



The number does sound off but its possible the test was done with different units than the common ng/dl.

OP Read the TRT thread in the Over 35 forum. Very good info in there


well, i tried talking to the dr. yesterday, but basically all he did was look at the paperwork and tell me that my test is low. he told me nothing about free testosterone or estrogen levels(wasn't on the paperwork). he says to fill the prescription and come back in a month; everything will be fine. :confused:

i have the results with me now and it says:
Testosterone, Serum:
results: 30L ng/dL
limits: 241 - 827

basically, i've been prescribed androgel. after reading the TRT thread and doing a bit of my own research, i don't really feel comfortable using it. :confused:
i suppose my next question is could i/would it be a good idea to just order some TRIBEX or alphamale and try it instead?
obviously it's my body and decision, but i'd like another opinion. (a new doctor too XP)

i also plan on relaxing for a few months. right now i'm working everyday of the week(two jobs), boxing, lifting, and going to school. my days are always jam-packed and i usually wind up cutting a couple hours sleep. so i figure i may be overtraining/stressed.


seems to me your Dr has to explain why and how a guy at 25, as you describe yourself basically healthy, has T levels so EXTREMELY low.
the average women has T like that. like others said anything below 300 is low, 200 is very low, 170 extremely low, yours doesnot make sense.
what are your other stats? height , weight, ? symptoms? low sex drive? fatigued?


What do you all think of this:


It talks about cycling seven relatively inexpensive natural T-boosters once a week.


You need to call your Dr. back and have him give you an explanation and plan of treatment that is understandable. If those are your actual levels, they are extremely low, and you should have been totally informed by your physician of the problems, their sources, and the ways in which they can be fixed.


wow. you asked me more questions than my dr. did. xP
and that's exactly what has me worried. i'm only 25, and my T levels are friggin low.

i'm around 5'8" and 145lbs. between 10% and 11% bf. i was about 160, completed the V-Diet to drop some bf for summer and landed at about 150. i have still been slowly dropping weight, despite eating like a horse.

i went in for a checkup and had them check my T-levels because my sex drive has been very low lately (about 3 months or more now). i have been fatigued and feeling sorta depressed lately as well, but i figured that's because i've been going non-stop for over a year now.


^ yup, you got all the classic symptoms of low T,
just never thought T could go that low @ 25y/o
sorry dude.



heeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllppppppppppppppppp meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!


This has me puzzled as well, but I'm going to chime in on this. This is incredibly low, I'm surprised your Dr. didn't refer you to an endocrinologist. Talk to you Dr. about getting retested, and just before that happens, take a break from lifting a week or 2 before the test to get a baseline when the body is not stressed (I'd be damned if it went lower). The thing with androgel is once that becomes the baseline what next?... Don't be afraid to question your Dr.


Perhaps the number you were given was free testosterone not total testosterone. Still low even for a free test level but it would make more sense than a total test level. Regardless talk with the doc and make sure there are no other issues creating this. Assuming that this is not caused by prohormone/AAS use.


That's probably your doctors job at this point.


This may interest you, then again, it may not;

Greek researchers did a trial with just under three hundred infertile men, whose sperm count was low and most of whom had low levels of testosterone production. The researchers gave the men either 20 mg tamoxifen, 60 mg toremifene or 60 mg raloxifene daily for three months. The table below shows what happened to the menâ??s LH, FSH and testosterone levels.


Raloxifene has little effect on the testosterone level, so itâ??s not an interesting candidate for a Post Cycle Therapy supplement. Toremifene is somewhat better, but doesnâ??t perform as well as tamoxifen, and it loses its maximum effect after two months as well.

To complete the story weâ??ve added the table below, which shows the effect of the three on sperm cells. Once again, raloxifene performs less well than tamoxifen and toremifene.


The researchers suspect that the two more effective SERMs not only work through the bodyâ??s hormonal thermostat, thereby inducing the pituitary gland to make more messenger hormones [which in turn get the testes to produce more testosterone]. They think that tamoxifen and toremifene also have a direct effect on the testosterone producing cells.



Like another poster I would also suggest going to see an endocrinologist.



What's your diet like? I'd eat the opposite. I was on low-carbs and it screwed up my levels a lot. I eat more high carb now and I feel much better and my T went way up.