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Low Testosterone?

I am 21 years old and over a year I been experiencing symptoms of low testosterone (weak erection, low sex drive, lethargic, plateauing, lack of concentration, and depression) . So I decided to get some blood work done and the results came back that my testosterone levels where in the 280 range, which my doctor told me it was low for my age group. He then referred me to a urologist who right away said you do NOT have low testosterone. However, he told me my liver enzymes were high. I then told about my symptoms and then prescribed me viagra.

Frustrated, I decided to inject 100mg of test prop twice a week (only thing I had available)  and I felt great.  My  symptoms went away woke up with morning wood (haven't had that happen for awhile) and my girlfriend was extremely happy.  I felt "normal" again.

Here is some info about me:
I been weightlifting for 5 years, and regretfully (like an idiot) I did several cycles of store bought prohormones when I was 17 through 19 years old. I did not do the research and got the wrong advice. In addition, I just cycled off with store a bought “pct”. If your under 21 please learn from my mistake and do not mess with this stuff.
I never done injectables until recently (after I got denied from the urologist.)

The reason for this post is: 1. Is 280 testosterone levels low for a 21 year old male? (I am getting two different answers from my doctors). If so should I try to seek a different doctor? In general I just need some advice. I been reading that many doctors are very hesitant when it comes to prescribing testosterone for someone so young. Any input would be very appreciated.

Thank you.

Check out the over 35 lifter forum. They specialize in cases like yours…

Thank you, wasn’t sure where to post.

I’d get a second opinion.


If you dont intend to stay on your self administered HRT forever.

I would recommend looking into a proper PCT for coming off.

And an AI, I would go with letro. I have a hunch your low testosterone was caused by high estrogen from improperly run PH cycle PCT’s.

What is your E2 from your blood work ?