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Low Testosterone/Thyroid?

hey fellas, for the last probably month or two, ive been extremely tired all the time. im 19 years old by the way. i just never have any extra energy like i used to, by the time i come home from work and school, i either just skip workin out or have to MAKE myself go. i have very little motivation to do much anymore. it also seems like my gains in the gym have pretty much stopped, and my bench has actually been goin down a little bit. my sex life sucks, im not a horn ass like i was probably a few months ago, then i had hard time keepin the damn thing DOWN. ive been puttin on a little bit of fat on my belly lately as well. i just dont feel good at all anymore, im not as fun to be around

i know its not depression, i dealth with serious manic depression a couple years back after a bad car wreck i was in. i do have somedays where im depressed as hell all day, but rarely anymore. what do you guys think? im TRYING to get into the doc tomorrow to get some blood taken and see what the hells wrong with me, but i just would like to get your guys’ input. i appreciate it.

I am 24 and have been experiencing the same symptoms. Low sex drive, motivation, and energy. No morning wood and weak erections. Just had blood work and my total testosterone and free testosterone are both low. I am going to a urologist next week. I am worried because I am young, such as yourself, and already have low testosterone. What is your diet, training, and lifestyle like?

i take pretty good care of myself. my typical meals consist of…

breakfast - 4 or 5 eggs, 3-4 sausage links, orange juice, 3 fish oil caps, multi vitamin

lunch - 8oz of beef, ground turkey, or chicken, 3 fish oil caps

snack - beef jerky or cottage cheese, apple, carrots, mix n match

supper - just kinda whatever i got, hamburger helper, chicken, steak. 3 fish oil caps, one scoop of Grow!

i have been workin out every other night doing the Art of Waterbury. i would have one scoop of Grow! before workout with 5 grams of creatine, then make my Surge, drink half during workout, rest after, then another 5 grams of creatine, then eat some oatmeal or somethin an hour later. before i bed, ill have another 1-2 scoops of Grow! then some ZMA.

I TRY to sleep 8 hours a night, but ive been an insomniac for years. but not sleeping a full 8 hours has never affected me like this before. i generally get about 6 hours a night. lately been sleepin damn near 12 hours since im on a break from school for a couple weeks. i dont party too much, tryin not to get back into that lifestyle too much like i used to. overall i really think i take pretty good care of myself.

Im interested in your blood testosterone levels, private message me when you get them becuase it seems as though I am having the same problem as you.