Low Testosterone Therapy Clinic?

Hello Everyone, I’m 38 yrs old and I want to share with you guys my experience, I’ve been so stressed lately in my business and also some duties at the home. I’ve searched my symptoms on the internet and found out some checklist of having a low testosterone. I want to ask you guys if there is a low testosterone therapy clinic you guys know. I’m open for your suggestions, I feel like my wife will leave me since I felt the decrease in my libido. Thanks, guys.

These Low T centers or TRT clinics aka Tmills as I like to call them typically don’t staff very competent doctors.

Defy Medical a telemedicine clinic does staff expert hormone doctors who have 20-plus years experience of replacing men and women’s hormones.

I am a Defy patient and found it incredibly difficult to find a competent doctor under my insurance plan. Consults are over the phone, labs are done at LabCorp and all medicines are mailed to me.

Average cost is $100-$150 a month pay as you go.

I would not use telemedicine for something as important as this. It’s not as though you simply have a cold. I prefer eyeball to eyeball, face to face contact. Plus, the doctor needs to do a physical examination. But, that’s me. I guess I just feel better if I can put my hands on someone, not that I would result to squeezing the testosterone out of the doctor…………I want to know my doctors, and I want them to know me. Phone calls don’t cut it.

You might research the laws in your state. Most require an initial face to face with the patient prior to using telemedicine and most states require the doctor to be licensed in the state in which the patient resides.

I’d ask around and try to find someone who uses a local doctor and get a referral. Educate yourself as much as possible so you can be your own advocate.

When I started, I flew half way across the country to see my doctor, but if that isn’t reasonable, and I could not find someone locally, I would do what I had to do.

Good luck, no way I’d let this cost me my marriage, especially with help available.

First you should see your primary Dr or Endocrinologist. Let them investigate a bit.

You know there are diseases out there that can cause low t or low t symptoms.

Go read this thread and be prepared to fight to get what you want.