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Low Testosterone Symptoms. Help with Bloodwork

I’m feeling low libido and fatigue with bad sleep. My workouts are not that great either. I used to cycle testosterone on and off but I’ve been off everything for almost two years. I’m 29 years old.

total T looks in range but my free test is low. Maybe because my SHBG is elevated? Also is my estrogen too low?

Your numbers look good, except low DHT. Your problem is probably sleep related rather than the other way around.

I’m on finasteride 1mg a day which explains my DHT.

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Your estrogen and DHT levels are more concerning, these two are downstream hormones of testosterone. You may also lack aromatase enzymes needed for the conversion of T->E2 which I see quite regularly on this forum.

In extreme cases either very high testosterone is needed or HCG together with TRT is the only way to increase E2 to healthy levels. The estrogen hormone is linked to sleep, when mine is really low sleep is next to impossible, I’ve even had it very high (70 pg/mL ranges 20-35 pg/mL and all I did was sleep all day.

Finasteride is an endocrine disruptor and can only advise you to get off now.

Health Risks Associated with Long-Term Finasteride and Dutasteride Use: It’s Time to Sound the Alarm

Could i lose any hair that has become dependent on it? Also are there any issues if I were to do HCG short term (even though is suppressive) to boost e2

Better to lose your hair than to have multiple other health problems down the road.

There is no quick fix or shortcut in the hormone world, with that said the only way you could come off HCG and still have enough estrogen is if your body produced more aromatase enzymes.

Also shouldn’t finasteride be causing elevated e2?

Your body can send testosterone down other pathways like DHT for instance, but you are partially (in your case mostly) suppressing it, so you would think the body would sent it down the estrogen pathway. There are other pathways for which to send testosterone.

Too many unknowns when it comes to finasteride. There are a lot of downsides to blocking the conversion of hormones whether it be DHT or estrogen. Blocking either of these has seen dire consequences and anyone taking them is playing with fire.

The question you have to ask yourself is are you willing to risk side effects later on, some of which might not be reversible all to prevent hair loss?

Does nobody else think his free T and e2 are on the low side?

A little, but not for natural production with sleep issues.

I wouldn’t classify Free T as low, middle of the ranges, but the low E2 and DHT are likely the cause for symptoms and I’m looking at the finasteride with suspicion.

I think the best option is to cease the finasteride and retest in a couple of months.

@coomer hey bro you are 3 yrs younger then me and I defiantly understand ow important it is to have hair especially at a young age. The way we look is important to us but if what @systemlord is true then bro you might want to think about taking the finasteride. Its not worth it if it going to cause health issues

I support the use of finasteride for guys with elevated DHT, which happens frequently while on TRT. You are not on TRT (right?), so i question your use of finasteride. Yes, it will help to save your hair from falling out, but you need to balance the risks with the benefits. The benefits are clear, you keep your hair (or at least slow down losing it), and you are seeing the risks with sexual side-effect and other low T symptoms.

Finasteride is a powerful drug for blocking conversion to DHT, so if you are going to use it, you need to titrate the dose so that your DHT levels are within the normal range. In your case, that would probably mean no finasteride unless you were somehow high in DHT prior to it’s use. In that case, the required dose would be much lower than 1mg/day.

Regarding the interaction of finasteride/DHT/E2, it’s difficult to say. The steroid hormone cascade is much more complicated than the simplistic charts make it out to be. Disrupting one hormone in the cascade of hormones can have unpredictable effects on the delicate neuroendocrine balance within the brain/pituitary/testicles (as well as adrenals and other glands).

Oh, your SHBG is within range. I’d kill for SHBG levels that low. It’s not the root of your problems. I’d focus on the low DHT.

Hi. I have similar results to yours for shbg and testosterone. do you have any erection problems?