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Low Testosterone Symptoms, Bloodwork

28 years old, otherwise healthy, with low T symptoms. Here are the tests I’ve done thus far. First test is from summer of 2018. The second one is recent 29/12/2020. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

It’s difficult to say without additional information, such as your detailed history and more labs. Your free testosterone could be better and you need to look into the elevated prolactin.

Have problem with full erection or libido?

Libido is quite low. Erections are hard to maintain but it can be pscyhological too. I’m lacking some self-confidence for sure.

What language is that in? Just curious

I have general examinations of blood and urine, if that’s what you mean. There is also result of biochemical examination, like HDL, LDL, Triglycerides and so on.


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I thought so. Very neat looking–not that I understand any more than the obvious words that are similar to English

Your E2 is in a range known to cause osteoporosis and can cause what appear to be low-T symptoms. You need to get your E2 higher, preferably closer to 30 pg/mL and while you might say it’s in range, it’s closer to what you would see in a boy that hasn’t hit puberty yet.

Free T is converted to E2 via aromatization, so to get your E2 higher you need more testosterone.

I found the thyroid examination from 2018. Unfortunately I don’t have recent test for it. Maybe it will help overall evaluation.


Thank you for your response. I guess LH is responsible for testosterone levels. My LH seems very suboptimal. How can I possibly increase it?

did you ever had use aas?..you can try Clomid…

What is the dosage and how long should I be taking it?

Provided your testicles are functioning properly, then the answer is yes. Clomid usually isn’t a long term solution, it has numerous side effects.

I understand. What would you suggest instead?

Well you have to get your testosterone higher to affect your E2, increasing T naturally to the top half of the normal ranges, if not than your options are limited to clomid, HCG and TRT.

Could my symptoms be caused by thyroid problems? What do you think about my labs of thyroid? When I was younger, one of the doctors told me that my thyroid was on a smaller side. I was always worried about that.

did you ever take steroids?

yout total test isnt bad but free test , lh and e2 are too low

Your thyroid labs look fine.