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Low Testosterone Query

Some background: I am a 6 foot 30 year old male, have been training consistently for nearly a year.
I started at 175 pounds and around 10-12% bodyfat. I did a powerlifting routine combined with high calorie diet and gained a good amount of size and strength in 6 months. I am now around 220 pounds and probably 12-15% bodyfat. Last few months i have been doing olympic lifting 6 days a week. I have made excellent strength gains and continue to do so. From training point of view everything is great.

I have started taking ostarine a few weeks ago at 25mg/day, but have not really noticed much aside from minor perceived strength increases. I have not gained any additional weight, and perhaps cut a small amount of fat.

My question is 3 days after i started taking ostarine, i got a blood test for general stuff and testosterone.
Most figures were normal but my testosterone was very low 9.8, i was told it should be around 25-30.
First question is could the osterine affect natural test levels this fast? If the osterine is fake and is a steroid, can oral steroids cause a drop in test within 3 says of starting?

The only sympton of low testosterone i feel i have is lack of energy and tiredness at times. I felt this may be because of sleep issues ( i wake a few times in the night). Aside from this i dont feel like i have any other symptoms, i have always been consistently horny and would have sex twice a day if allowed by gf.
Does this sound normal? I am going to get a few more blood tests over next few months.
I have taken two steroid cycles (10 wk 500mg sustanon) about 6 -8 years ago when i used to train, but have not taken anything since (aside from the osterine i started a few weeks ago). I never had my testosterone levels taken before.

Just to add, the test shows my testosterone at 9.8 nmol/L (8.0 - 30.0). The doctor suggested for my age it should be about 25-27.
As mentioned I have always had a high libido and no erection problems.