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Low Testosterone Months After Cycle


Hello everyone, first of all i will apologize for my bad english

Im having a bad time now, im using some anti depression and anxiety pills,
i used steroids 4 months ago and did a pct, but now after a blood work i noticed that my testorone levels are really low, i started to lose mass and i wanted to start another cycle by now, what i should do


Post your lab results with ranges please.


the normal range in men are 2.80 - 8.00 ng/ml
and i have 0.12 ng/ml basically i have the testosterone levels of a woman


What did you use for PCT?


I used HCG for 2 weeks 3000 ui 1 shot every week, 20mg/day of nolvadex and 50mg/day of clomid for 1 week after my last shot of HCG


That doesn’t help diagnose. Ok so we know you have low T. Whats your FSH/LH like at the time of the test? Your SHBG? E2?


Sorry but i dont know what are those, i cant find anything related on my test, do you think i should do another blood work and include those ?


It’s the only way to diagnose your root issue. You could try another restart but if your are primary hypogonadal then it will be pointless.


Technical experts, and blood tests aside 1 week with PCT is not going to do anything. 4 to 8 weeks of 20mg nolva, or 25mg of clomid (one or the other, not both at the same time).

I personally PCT until I have a decent libido, and morning wood, taper off for a couple of weeks with a half dose/day. The reality is most guys natural production is going to be less than pre steroid levels, especially when off PCT drugs.

I would do another PCT course with a serm like nolva or clomid.

I have gone back on cycle before my levels were in the normal range or very low normal. Done a longer PCT the next time and got into a decent range before starting again. People can respond differently so you need to find out what works for you.


So i should do another PCT instead of starting another cycle?

In the case i recover myself again, how much i should wait before i start another cycle?


If you want to be sure do another pct. If it was me I would just so you know if your body has responded.

The general rule for cycling is time on = time off. It works out to be 2-3 weeks more because it usually takes that long for the steroids to leave your system and normal levels start to recover, and do PCT.

These days I tend to favour longer cycles 12-16 weeks, because the same time off allows you to make sure your PCT has worked properly.


Thanks so much for the help, i will do another PCT and see what happens

I was confused because my balls are normal size, and my libido is fine (not so great as before but its still working).