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Low Testosterone Levels


TC said this in a recent thread:

"...Remember, while high-normal T levels make you feel great, make sex better, make life better, the impact on physique development isn't dramatic.
Sure, if levels are low, you're sunk, but in itself, having high-normal T levels isn't going to add a lot of pounds..."

This was interesting to me. Obviously, t levels are not the be all end all of putting on lean mass, but since I have taken blood tests that show that I have low to low/mid test levels, I was curious how significant you all think ones t levels are for putting on lean mass?


I think what's more significant is lifting regularly, eating enough and sleeping enough.

You can have the highest t levels in the world but it won't amount to much unless you do the above.

And stressing about it would be the worst thing to do. Work with what you have, you'll achieve everything you want.