Low Testosterone Levels?

Hi all,

I’ve been having some symptoms of low testosterone, including depression (at times suicidal), bad anxiety, feeling tired all the time (despite sleeping 12hrs a day many nights), lack of motivation to do anything, no drive whatsoever… I can still get erections, but I don’t ever think about getting laid and I have no interest or motivation to get laid…

I had my serum test levels checked and they came back as 15nmol/L. The reference range they gave me was 9.40 - 37.00nmol/L. I’m 20 years old, tests were done in the morning. My diet isn’t the greatest but I eat plenty of fats (80 - 100g a day). I’ve read lots of sites and the general consensus from what I’ve gathered is that this is low for my age. What do you guys think?

Had FBC, lipids and kidney function tested… all came back normal.