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Low Testosterone Levels / Anxiety

Hi everybody.
I would very much appreciate if someone could check my hormone’s levels below.
Just to introduce myself, I am a 32yrs old guy trying to get rid of anxiety and depression for the 5 past years.
During that period I looked for help from my Psychiatrist. We tried with few Anti-depressants/benzodiazepams but none of them relieved me of it.
Further more I was always in a bad mood due to low self-esteem, low energy, poor concentration, always sleepy, low libido and similar.
I was never a sports kind a guy since I was always shy and didn’t like confrontations.
In the last 10 years I went to gym occasionally just to go against my office type of work.
Anyhow I am married with no children yet, 6,2 feet / 189 lbs pretty much thin with little fat on my gut.

One of my friends asked me did I checked my hormone levels before starting to take any medications. Off course i did not.
Since then I would like to see if my low Testosterone levels could have something to do with my anxiety/depression. Also more energy/concentration would be most welcome.
At that time I was taking Anti-depressant Velafax(venlafaxine) 37.5mg 1 in the morning + 1 in the evening.
So I went to a Endocrinologist and we did my first test as follows: (some items may be named wrongly due to translation)

03.10.2011 08:00AM
Chlorides - 102 (97-108) mmol/L
Calcium total - 2,52 (2,14-2,53) mmol/L
Inorganic phosphate - 1,37 (0,79-1,42) mmol/L

Albumin - 50 (41-51) g/L
Estradiol - 118,3 (28-156) pmol/L
LH - 5,87 (1,7-8,6) IU/L
FSH - 4,84 (1,5-12,4) IU/L
Prolactin - 113,6 (86-324) mIU/L
SHBG - 16,32 (10-80) nmol/L
Testosterone total - 13,63 (8,69-29,0) nmol/L
Testosterone Free - 2,31% (1,0%-2,7%)
Testosterone Bioavailable - 62,5%
Cortisol total - 531,3 (131-536) nmol/L
ACTH - 4,89 (1,6-13,9) pmol/L
FT4 - 11,43 (7,90-14,4) pmol/L
FT3 - 4,84 (3,8-6,0) pmol/L

Anti Tg - 13 (neg<100) U/ml
Anti TPO - 29 (neg<100) U/ml

04.10.2011 AM
TSH - 1,86 (0,3-3,6) mIU/L
FT3 - 4,1 (3,39-6,47) pmol/L
FT4 - 15,7 (10,3-22,8) pmol/L

Leukocytes - 6,8 (3,4-9,7)
Erythrocyte - 5,0 (4,34-5,72)
Hemoglobin - 158 (138-175)
Hematocrit - 0,45 (0,415-0,530)
MCV - 90 (83,0-97,2)
MCH - 31 (27,4-33,9)
MCHC - 345 (320-345)
RDW - 12,6 (9-15)
Trombocites - 182 (158-424)
Sedimentation - 6 (2-13)

Glucose - 4,1 (4,1-6,4)
Urea - 9,3 (2,3-8,3)
Creatinine - 95 (63-125)

AST - 29 (0-38)
ALT - 37 (0-48)
GGT - 22 (0-55)
ALP - 68 (30-120)

Na - 143 (135-150)
K - 4,3 (3,5-5,1)

Anyhow, upon physical examination, thyroid examination and checking the above levels he said I was OK and that I could only take maybe some Selenium supplements.
After that I decided to try some zinc in the evening and few herbs such as Tribulus, Tongkat Ali, Ginseng without any order, sometimes all together. I did feel some libido improvement at beginning as I recall but the anxiety/bad mood/poor concentration was still present.

This spring i hit the gym easily again.
Latter on i decided to go off my medication (Velafax) and after the resting weekend and without any supplements for days I redid my hormone levels:

04.06.2012 07:30AM
Estradiol - 94,5 (28-156) pmol/L
LH - 10,06 (1,7-8,6) IU/L
FSH - 5,58 (1,5-12,4) IU/L
Prolactin - 165,8 (86-324) mIU/L
SHBG - 21,74 (10-80) nmol/L
Testosterone total - 8,55 (8,69-29,0) nmol/L
Testosterone Free - 2,26% (1,0%-2,7%)
Testosterone Bioavailable - 59,0%

Again another Endocrinologist said it was OK, that I do not need anything since I can grow a beard?! and something about bio-available Testosterone levels…

Anyhow I would be grateful if somebody could direct me toward what should I take care of, or what should I do? Are my hormone levels fair? Should I do something about it?


Antdepressant is probably causing your neurotransmitters to go low which is not making it do it job. I have worked with multiple cases like your. You need to get proper asssesment of neurotransmitters done to see what the drug is depleting. Yes SSRI will deplete serotonin and other neurotransmitters over time. Again you need to find out why you have all these issues.

If you are from UK, USA I have Dr’s which will be glad to asssit you with getting to the root cause of your issues. Remember hormonal expressions are just an expression of the root cause.

anyhow I am in Europe - Croatia.
I forgot to mention that I don’t smoke, take very little alcohol weekly, have plenty problems with my acne prone oily skin.
Please note that I have been of my SSRI meds for almost half a year now.

Would you consider my Test level problematic?
If I understood right, your opinion in that my mood problems and my Low Test level are related to problems with my neurotransmitter levels? Are there tests to measure them?


Any decent literature regarding my possible issues with neurotransmitter?