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Low Testosterone Levels after Cycle


I did my first steroid cycle using sustanon-250 1/ml week and deca 125mg week. Cycle lenght was 15-weeks. Pct i used clomid and nolvadex. Now 2 months after cycle i got my testosterone levels checked and my free testosterone was 98 pmol/l and shgb was 13nmol/l and s - testosterone was 4.6nmol/l

Should i just wait them to come back to normal or what?

How long after your last injection did you start this?

Also I’m not familiar with your units, not sure if that’s high or low. Can you add ranges?

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You ran what was functionally a two week pct, after using nandrolone. Why would you expect that to work? Your numbers are low because you didn’t really do anything to make them better. If you want to return to normal you’re probably going to have to try pct again, though I’m loathe to recommend more drugs given how badly you’ve botched things the first time around. Why is it that strangers on here care more about your body than you do?

You absolutely did not. You ran at most two weeks because you don’t understand how these drugs work. You started two weeks after your last injection, which means you still had about half of the deca and maybe a third of the testosterone still in your system. Nolva does nothing to restart your system if you’re still on cycle and for all intents and purposes you were.

So your saying i started ”pct” 2-weeks too early?

If im doing pct again, should i run nolvadex and clomid or just nolvadex?

My age testisterone levels should be about 20, mine was at 5 now. If its under 5 its very low

I started pct 2 weeks after last injection. My testosterone levels are now very low, but its been only 2 months after last injection.

20mg daily for 4 weeks

Hello! So i fucked up my pct and started it 2weeks too early after the last injection. I was using deca 125mg and sustanon 250mg//week. I started pct 2 weeks after last injection and i shouldve waited for 4 weeks. Now my testosterone levels are low and im going to repeat pct. Its been 8weeks since my last injection. Should i use clomid and nolvadex and how much?
Thanks for helping

The answer isn’t going to change from a few days ago.

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So i should repeat pct again? Just nolvadex or both? How about the dosage?


Serious albeit hypothetical question, in case of mid-life career switch can one document the effort here at T-Nation under “volunteer” work as part of one’s application package to medical school (emphasis on eventual endocrinology fellowship)?

Where’s that @physioLojik when you need him to weigh in on how this may sway the admissions committee.

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Do you remember what happened with Physiolojik? He wasn’t an endocrinologist, nor did he have a wife… or kids. His entire backstory was an elaborate, yet effective con.

He WAS however a convicted felon.

“So you’ve taken anabolic steroids?”

“Erm no, that’s illigal”

“Refer to T-nation post 1838”


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Hey, yeah, just a poor attempt at some humor. Was it ever determined if that vince dude (can’t find his handle) was also in on this? That really helped the sympathy card for the physiologik persona.

That was all “undercover” work to help better assimilate/integrate with the subculture of the study group.

I’m waiting for that Anabolic Rocket Scientist admissions program to kickoff to help ease and speed my transition to full-time Anabolic Endocrinology practice. I like the Anabolic Doc’s stuff, but he needs more science in there. Would cut the viewers by 90% (harm minimization :-).