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Low Testosterone level - 11.4 nmol/L

Hi all,

I’ve had a load of blood tests done via an online doctor and one of the one for my testosterone level has come back showing 11.4 nmol/L and I’ve been advised by them that it’s low and could just do with some advice please?

AGE: 36
HEIGHT: 5’10
WAIST: 32 inch
Hair: Plenty of body hair and facial hair although my head is thinning and has been since my mid to late 20’s
FAT: Slightly carrying a bit of fat round my waist but nothing major.
HEALTH HISTORY: never had any health issues that I’m aware of. I used to play a lot of football and go running. I have started running again in the last few months. I have sometimes struggled with erections but not all the time but I do have a very low sex drive now and find it had to get excited about doing anything in life and always seem to feel lethargic and lacking in energy. Maybe I’m slightly depressed? I don’t know. I have a stressful job and a stressful commute so possibly that doesn’t help.
DRUG HISTORY: not on any medication and never have been really.
DIET: probably could be better but I don’t have a terrible diet by any means.
TESTES: no problem as far as I’m aware. No aches/pains and not suffering with fevers. No fevers. Still get erections in a morning.
Result 11.4~Reference Ranges apply to adults
Units nmol/L
Status Normal

So I saw this and thought everything was OK. But the doctor has since come back saying that my level is low and they would like me to be seen by my local doctor for prostate check and prostate blood check before they issue any treatments and the normal level is anything from 15 nmol/L +.

I’ve been looking in to prostate issues and don’t suffer from any of the symptoms of an enlarged prostate so although I will go and get it checked out, I don’t think this Is the cause of my issue. Any ideas guys?

You need to read the stickies and have a lot more lab work done. Then you need to post the results with ranges. Nobody will be able to help you with the info you’ve provided. Read the stickies then get back to us. Good luck.

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Please post all labs with lab ranges. We do not memorize all possible lab ranges for all possible units of measure.