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Low Testosterone, High Tsh, Low Vitamin D)


I was here before and got some decent advice (labs were posted in my other threads). However I was away and couldn't go back to the doctor so no other labs were done and no treatment was done. Tomorrow I need to go and get labs. I am going to get:

Total Testosterone
Free Testosterone
Pituitary hormones (Prolactin, HGH, etc.)
Thyroid Antibodies
Free T4, T3
Vitamin D

Any other suggestions?

My depression and low libido has been helped a lot by supplementing 10,000-15,000IUS of vitamin d3 a day as well as taking 4 mg of iodine (kelp) and 3 mg of potassium iodide. My temperature has risen a bit, but I still have puffy, sensitive nipples sometimes and I still have fat that is stubborn. I am sure my TSH will be much lower with the introduction of iodine (it was at 5 with a range going up to 3).


It seems like adding ferritin would also be a good idea.


Test fT3, fT4, not [total]T3/T4

Do a complete CBC and lipids, needs to be fasting.

Cortisol should be tested around 8AM.

PSA no sex prior and do not test after a DRE

If you do not have a primary/secondary diagnosis [might be in earlier thread] test LH/FSH.

When you get results, please go back to your earlier thread.

Read the protocol for injections sticky.


I just went to my doctor...this was a different doctor cause I am seeing my real doctor in two weeks. He was not very accomadative I had to argue a lot. He didn't want to order a new thyroid panel since my TSH was not 'that' elevated. And he said free testosterone is not accurate. Anyway...this is what I got:

Free testosterone
Total Testosterone
Total T4, T3
Free T4, T3

It sucks. But my other doctor wants to order a MRI so he is more 'serious' and doesn't care about ranges that much. He said a vitamin d level of 31 with a range of 30-100 is fine. But if it was 29 he would have thought it was bad??? wtf.

He also said there were not antibodies to detect for hashimoto's only Grave's disease which I didn't agree with/