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Low testosterone help(19 years old)

I had the symptoms of soft erections, tired, lossing strength/muscle so I went in for hormone/thyroid tests.
Had my blood work done a couple of weeks ago here’s what I got back today:

% free 2.38
total free 80.3
Total test 337

Thing is my doctor said he didn’t want to treat it because the free range was good and my total was in the normal range but I AM 19! I am not 45 where my test has been declining for years.

What is my best course of action to get where I need to be?

The doctor isn’t treating it because he calls 337 normal?

I can’t give you advice on how to increase that outside of natural reasons, but I recommend getting another doctor.

Mine was in the 600’s around 17 (was hideously overtraining. could be the reason you know) and I was going loco.

337 isn’t good for a 45 year old man. Average is 600-700. A 18-21 year old guy avg is 1000 or more. A woman averages around 100-150.

Get another opinion. Find another doctor and retake the blood tests. Tell them your symptoms (tired, can’t get it up, etc). Find an endo clinic in your area and get an appointment there.

Ask the mods to move this thread, or re-post it in the over 35 lifter forums. You will get much better advice there as many have experience with TRT. And don’t think you are the only young guy this happens to, we may be a rare case but their are others.

I advise you get a full blood panel done with estrogen levels etc.

Please edit your original post to include the lab units and ranges.