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Low Testosterone for My Age?

Hi! My blood tests are a bit worrying regarding my T levels. I am 25, male, eat healthy and exercise.

My symptoms include low libido, erection difficulty, sleeping difficulty, lack of facial/body hair, tiredness, depression, difficult building muscle and excess breast tissue.

My T level last week was 12.7 nmol/L and before that was 11.2. (Normal range 10-30) and 365 ng/dl and 322 ng/dl respectively). My free T was 13.68.

SHBG was 13 (normal range 15-50). TSH was 2.8 (normal range 0.3-4.2)

I will see my doctor tomorrow but they do not seem to care since my testosterone is (just) in the normal range.

However is this concerning for someone in their 20’s?

Any help/advice/info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

What is your weight?

Have Dr check

Dhea s
Am cortisol
Metabolic panel
Lipid panel
Thyroid panel

You may need testicular ultrasound. And pituitary MRI. Get blood results first. You need to investigate for diseases. i.e. adrenal tumor / fatigue, pituitary tumor , testicle issues.

Ok to use Viagra while you figure this out.

You need to advocate for yourself with the Dr. Tell them you want to make sure nothing else is wrong that’s why you want tests.

These are the levels seen in elderly men, president Trump scores 450. Your problem is the UK is one of the worst most difficult places on earth to get approved for TRT, knowledge in male sex hormones worldwise is poor at best. Your doctor will likely say you fall within the normal ranges, the problem is these ranges don’t account for age, younger men typically have higher testosterone the younger you are and doctors seem unaware or don’t care.

If this is an NHS doctor, you may be F********! You may be force to seek private care, Balance My Hormones in Dorset may be able to help.