Low Testosterone at Age 16?

hi guys so past month or so i’ve been taking blood test and researching about testosterone, cause my values came back shitlow. i am only 16
I took both tests 9 am morning, no breakfast.


total testosterone (p-testosterone: 12.8nMol/L (370ng/DL)

Which is fucking as low, it falls into the medical approved range and my doctor says this t-levels are perfectly fine for the age of 16, which is complete bs and iknow it. and the TSH levels are not sitting anywhere near optimal either… it’s just around the medical approved mark (where I live 8nMol/L is the range where u can get treatment) but I am feeling all symptoms:

-really fucking tired, (sleep 7-8hrs on night, sleepy as fuck during school, grades dropping cus cant concentrate, when i come home i fall asleep for 1-3 hrs atleast)
-no life motivation, difficult to explain, i don’t really ‘‘live’’ i just go through the motions, i can go to the gym and lift really heavy and still not be ‘‘on’’
-no morning wood, very weaker and less erections
-little to no muscle gain
-no sex drive

I supplement with multivitamin, fish oil total epa/dha 2g/day, i added after my first blood test, zinc supplement, so i got total 40-50mg zinc/day, i felt alittle bit better, less tired, sun is also coming now, maybe this has an effect?

Anyway, fast forward to second test, I suggest we take T3, t4, shgb and free testosterone levels too, he refuses and thinks none of them are nesssicary. so we just do total testosterone and shgb, i will get them on paper next week.

My total testerone this time came back at 15nMOL/L he said, but I’ll see for myself on paper next week. Can the zinc have an effect on the increased levels? 15nMol/L is still pretty fucking low, and I still have the symptoms…

I pushed on and he agreed to write me ‘‘note’’ to a endocrinologist specialist and the endocrinologist will decide whether I will need further examination or not.

So what can I do?
I really feel like my issues are bound to my hormones, I don’t want to be blindeyed on something that might not be the problem, but my t-levels are borderline to shit and I am feeling the symptoms of low-t, i don’t understand how my doctor don’t see this.

I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I never did drugs. And I did no medications.

I have two questions primarly. One is, if the endocrinologist refuses me further exmamination I will still continue to try find a way to get a proper examination (maybe private doctor or so), but in theory, without treatment, what can I do? Cause 15nMOL/L lands at roughly 400ng/DL, if I bring this up to 600ng/DL my life quality will be alot higher.

I was thinking of supplementing with this: fish oil, multivitamin (with vitamin A), vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, magnesium.

Diet wise I’ll focus on getting enough fat everyday. What else can I do?
I had a dip training wise a few days ago, hurt my back( retarded I know) and lost motivation to train, cause I give everything I have for 6 months, logging everything I do and Idon’t see results, it’s like getting slapped in the face everyday, it’s really discouraging, man…

Ok and if the doctor agrees on treatment (if i convince him) treatment I am talking about is testosterone replacement, (injection or gel) would it even be wise to do this at my age? I know all types of unnatural testosterone injection/gels shutddowns t-levels permanently, this is also why I want to go to a specialist, and find out why they are low, cause maybe t-replacement isn’t nessiscary?

I checked some different studies and average t-levels around my age was like 600-700ng/DL or soright?

excuse me for the writing being a mess, im just looking for help and frustrated that the healthcare is taking a shit on me.


Do you live in an area that fluoridates the water supply?If so, then do some searches in google to see the effects of fluoride on the testicles in rats.In particular look at lh, fsh,other hormone production plus calcification of testicles. May or may not be your problem but an Interesting read it is…

Hm, I looked it up. the water supply does not add fluorid to the water, I doubt it is water causing this though, I haven’t always felt this way, and Sweden probably has one of the cleanest tap water in the Western world.