Low Testosterone at 25 Years Old. Thoughts?

Hello, I am new to this forum.

I signed up because this has been annoying me for the last year.

For a long time, I have been feeling lazy as hell, unwilling to do stuff. Gains in the gym, even with good diet are always messed up. Im 6’2. 185. 15% bf. for a year everything was fine, gained about 15bs maintained bf, figured its because of noob gains. because of, now, If I eat over maintenance… I feel like I get more bloated and fat than I gain muscle and when I cut, I always seem to lose more muscle and keep the belly.

Sometimes I drop 2-3 (6 pounds or so) in a couple of weeks and it seems like I drop more muscle while the gut stays the same. Even with good diet, being clean when I bulk and keeping my protein high when I cut.

So I was like, wtf is this?

I also have had a girlfriend for one year now. And I’ve been having low libido. Sometimes I have ED, dick will go up on a bj and then out of the blue when im putting it… opftt, goes down. Lost my morning woods pretty much, just low libido overall. I do have sex with my gf every time we see each other, but I feel like I should be WAY hornier at 25…

so I thought to myself something must be wrong here… went to an andrologist, he got my testosterone tested up and it was 326… and said everything was normal, it was well within the range and my ED problems were psychological and he got me cialis 5mg to take every day or every other day. During that time, alright, I had better sex, didnt have ED but my libido kind of was the same.

So I searched up on the internet and every specialized website says that 300 is when people start doing TRT and that even 400 at 27 is like bottom 5% of the male population…

so I went to ANOTHER doctor 7 months later, because I was still having low libido/laziness/ED sometimes (especially at night, I wake up at full testosterone then I imagine that at night i might have like 150 test or so which SUCKS for libido and sex at night)

this doctor saw the last exam and said that If I kept low T levels, he would give me medication to stimulate the testicle to create more test… so I took the test again, it was at 330 and he said that it was also within the range because the stupid lab says the range is 220-850… wtf? And he said that whats lowering my testosterone could be the Varicocele I have (even though i have pretty much normal sperm count) so he said “do a surgery to remove that varicocele and it MIGHT improve your T” I’m thinking it wont even improve a lot IF it does…

so the question is… are these doctors right? Am I really “within the range” even with these symptons of not caring about anything, low libido, some ED, sucky gains in the gym… is 320 test REALLY ‘normal and within the range’ for a 25 year old male? Should I keep looking for a doctor who isnt a fuking pussy stuck in the medicine of the 80s and try to get me some TRT or at LEAST medication to stimulate my testicle to produce more test? Or am I wrong and its all psychological? I’ve read on several websites that 300 test at 25 is NOT normal and SHOULD be treated but its like these doctors are scared of it…

sorry for the ridiculously big wall of text, This has been haunting me for the past year and its really getting to my nerves.

I also forgot to say, my Estradiol (e2) is 14.72

Have you read the stickies:
-Advice for new guys. read fully
-Things that damage your hormones?

Low T may be a symptom of something. You want to see if a cause can be identified, because then you might be able to fix it. Doc have suggested surgery and you are doing what about that? Simply masking a problem with TRT at your age is stupid.

buddy what cause can it be? there’s nothing different with my life, other than the fact that I walk around at 300 total test at 25 years old. which in turn, is making me feel lazy, low libido, shytty erections, shyt gains.

im sure if it was a psychological problem my test wouldn’t lower THAT MUCH. I know Im not depressed, Im not the happiest guy on the planet right now because of this situation, but I cant think of any reasons that would make a healthy, active 25 year old male be in the low 300s test range.

anyone with any opinions?

Varicocele can lower T.

The advice for new guys sticky addresses other reasons. You will see the other information that we request so we can try to find the problem.

There is a sticky about things that mess with your hormones.

Start reading, it is the best think that you can do right now.