Low Testosterone At 24!

I just got some blood work done. Results: Total Testosterone: 190. (Normal range is 260-1000) Free Testosterone: 32. (Normal is 50-210)

For about 6 or 7 months now I have noticed that I feel very different then I used to. I had a feeling that my T levels were low. I had a significant decrease in energy, motivation, sex drive, weak and very infrequent erections, and some fat gain around the stomach. I was and am feeling very lethargic.

I am very concerned because I am under the impression that my Test has peaked and now can only decline. Has anyone around my age have or had this problem? Any suggestions? Thanks

I can’t relate, but I do know that certain foods and exercises can boost t levels more than others.

Simple things like eating more nuts or doing more compound moves.

I’m interested in finding out your diet, if you’ve done steroids (and at what age), and your workout.

Have a look in the Over 35 section. There is some good info on HRT and if memory serves me there are also some posts from guys in their 20’s experiencing similar problems to you.

Sounds like you have been to a doctor so I am wondering why you aren’t following up that avenue. Some of the posts you will find above also outline the problems that people have had getting decent medical treatment - stick with it and learn as much as you can about the topic.

My advice would be seek medical help to get a diagnosis of any underlying problems and then treatment.

Was there any changes to your life style? Are you saying that for no reason at all, you simply started to feeling like shit starting 6 or 7 months ago? Perhaps you’re engaging in something that you don’t feel stressful but in fact is stressing you out. I know it’s not much help, but hopefully you can detect something that’s different from 6, 7 months ago. I know this is a bummer…

For the most part my diet is clean. Base my diet around oats, dairy, nuts, fruit, vegetables, tuna/chicken, and protein powder especially metabolic drive. I always limit the sugars and simple carbs except for pre-and post workout. My breakdown is about 40/40/30.

Average alcohol consumption maby 8 to 10 drinks a week. I take fish oil and flax seed capsules daily. I have been lifting weights consistently for about 8 years now. I base my workouts on compound movements, varying reps and sets often. I do about 1 cardio session per week and 1 HIT session per week in addition to 4 days lifting. I am 5’7 165 around 10% body fat. What confuses me is that my lifestyle has not changed. I do not experience any more stress than the average person. I like my job, have great friends, and enjoy living at home. I do not know what caused this to occur but I do not think it is anything external. My doc has referred me to a urologist, I am waiting for my appointment in a couple of weeks…

I have never done steroids or any type of prohormone either